ALL IN THE DETAILS: Long Shaggy Vest

April 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

Looking for a clothing item that will add a dramatic effect to your outfit? Look no further! This Fashionista’s long, shaggy vest is the perfect article of clothing for her eye-catching wardrobe. This trend is also extremely ideal for the spring as the vest provides the perfect amount of warmth without having to wear a coat.

Her light gray vest matches perfectly with her Vans shoes which are the same shade of gray. Her high-waisted boyfriend style jeans are also a very popular trend for this spring season. Her black high-waisted jeans and crop top make for a more sophisticated look because she chose to go with a dark base color. The darker colors in her outfit balance out the light gray in her shaggy vest. The color spectrum this Fashionista chose is classy and simple. When wearing boyfriend style jeans, they should always be cuffed at the bottom.

This Fashionista added a pop of color to her ensemble by wearing several rings and a midi ring. Her rings were a mix of gold and silver, with blue and white gems. Mixing gold and silver accessories is perfectly acceptable when choosing dainty rings to correlate with an outfit.

How To: Want to wear a vest with your spring look? Try a leather, suede fringed, cargo or jean vest to pair with a sundress. Add boots, wedges, flats or some strappy heels to your sunny season look. A long vest can also complement a maxi skirt quite nicely.