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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Linear Stripes & Style Rewrites

March 24th, 2016 at 2:06am

Pastel hues and denim blues are what come to mind when I think of spring. A time of rebirth, winter’s heavy layers are traded for more comfortable, air-circulating garments during the springtime. Springtime also hints that summer is near, resulting in the re-emergence of patterns and prints. One of my favorite timeless patterns for any season are stripes. Their linear axes and repetition throughout a garment provide an eye-catching focal element that accompanies an outfit without being too overwhelming. This Fashionisto uses this principle well in his own outfit, by keeping the other pieces of his outfit plain, and using his shirt as an accent piece to his denim jacket.

One way to ground an outfit without drowning it out is by wearing black pants. They provide the right amount of depth to an outfit and manage to create an instantly classier vibe that streamlines the body. Having a tapered ankle at the bottom of the pants also helps to keep the linear elegance of the outfit and balance out the horizontal stripes of the shirt. A pop of color is another way to spice an outfit up without losing any of its delicate qualities. In this outfit, this Fashionisto wears shoes that are a stark temperature contrast from the rest of his outfit. The shoes have a warm, almost maroon quality that is vastly different from the cool tones appearing elsewhere, and are a great way to draw attention to the lower half of the outfit.

How To: Do you want to look put together and unique without appearing as if you spent forever deciding what to wear? If so, a great way to practice this is by incorporating a base color/pattern, an opposing color and an accent color into an outfit. These three elements are a great way to start off an outfit without too much strenuous thought, and can up your style game within minutes!