ALL IN THE DETAILS: Leather Lovin’

Leather, leather and more leather is all I can say. For a long time, the leather look was always depicted as masculine. Recently, the look has taken a more feminine turn and I think it is for the better. Girls have started pulling from this look by taking in the leather and making it their own. From leather boots to leather skirts to cute clutches, there are so many possibilities to make this tend wearable.

Heading out to a concert, this Fashionista has no problem wearing leather and she defiantly has it down to a science. Her gray shirt short sleeve with black leather piping on it is a simple twist on an everyday shirt. It is the first step in pulling in leather into her overall look. On top she wears a black leather jacket, which has ruffling along the edges adding dimension to the look.

This leather look is continued in her outfit with her gray leather boots. This change up in color is really important to the whole look, because by adding this variation, her look isn’t lost in the color and each individual piece can still be appreciated. She also plays with color in another way by adding a pop of pink in the form of a bold flower necklace. She also wears many different bracelets, each uniquely their own, showing how she pays attention to the little details.

I think people might get scared away by this trend. But I am here to say that once you start, you might not be able to stop.

How To: Incorporating leather into any outfit should not be scary. It is an easy way to incorporated a little edge into an outfit and add flair to a more neutral outfit. Whether it’s a leather purse or a shirt with leather piping, adding these slight details can complements the look so much. Play with leather jackets or even a leather bracelet to finish a look off.