March 29th, 2016 at 2:10am

Layers, layers and more layers is something you hear in the winter. When it is cold outside you want to put on as many layers as possible to stay warm while walking to class. However as we slowly transition from winter to spring, our types of layers change. What kind of layers am I talking about? Layers of jewelry. The goal of jewelry is to elevate your outfit to the next level. Oftentimes we see someone wearing just one statement necklace or just one or two rings to complement their outfit, but this Fashionista showed us how less is not always more.

What I like about this Fashionista’s choice in accessories is that she kept it simple, but still was able to pull  off matching many different pieces of jewelry. She is wearing three different necklaces, but they all work together because they are similar in color, size and shape. It was smart that she kept her necklaces simple because her shirt already has a pattern, so the necklaces are complementing her floral patterned shirt. This Fashionista also wore a lot of rings, but made it work by keeping them similar in size and color. The rings vary with shape which adds detail and pop to her outfit.

Her look is finished with light wash jeans, brown booties and a wide brim hat, perfect for the beginning of spring.

How To: If you’re looking to layer jewelry, try to keep the pieces similar in size and shape. However, feel free to play with the lengths and colors. If your outfit has more patterns and prints, the jewelry should be more subtle. If it is a rather simple look, go for a bolder piece.