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January 2nd, 2017 at 2:05am

Well, it’s the end of the road for my CollegeFashionista journey. I’ve had such a great time writing for this site and will appreciate the experience for years to come. With that being said, my last article is all about winter layering!

I love the idea of taking a plain sweater with some cute details and throwing a vest over it to spice it up a bit. Pictured above is my lovely Fashionista rocking a black fur vest with a cold shoulder sweater. Whoever said cold shoulders can’t work in the winter was way off!

Along with fur vests and cold shoulders, knee high boots are making the rounds in the world of fashion. By pairing knee high boots with an outfit, your look is instantly chic and stylish. Such a simple item can prepare you to go out into the world and strut your stuff.

For accessories, a structured bag is always the way to go. Structured bags provide a sense of sophistication that normal handbags don’t have. With cool toned outfits as this one, silver jewelry is always the way to go. This Fashionista is seen wearing a simple necklace, allowing the fur vest to be the star of the show. Along with her necklace are two dainty silver rings that keep the simplicity of the accessories up.

Winter doesn’t have to restrict your sense of fashion. If you layer up the right way, you’ll always look fabulous. Throw on some tights, find your gloves and even include a cute scarf, and winter will become your favorite time of the year!