May 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Every summer a new trend seems to take over the fashion world. First it was crop tops, then it was high waisted shorts and now it is this lace up element. Spring and summer 2016 will not be about tight fitted clothing, but flowy outfits to dodge the heat. One thing that is constantly being seen around campuses and in stores is this lace up detail. Whether it is a shirt, dress or romper, more and more people are beginning to follow this trend and it will definitely continue throughout the summer.

This Fashionista opted for the oh so popular lace up dress for a comfortable, yet trendy outfit. She highlights the lace up detail by leaving her jacket open and showing a little bit of her lace bralette. This will grab attention, while still being modest enough to wear this outfit anywhere. This is the perfect kind of dress to wear in the spring and summer to enjoy the weather without being too hot.

The pattern on the dress also contributes to the perfect bohemian chic style, while the leather jacket and ankle booties add a masculine aesthetic. Working with different textures of clothing is something that will bring your outfit to another level, so adding leather to a dress is the perfect way to do it. This dress is even perfect without the jacket, especially if it is a sunny day. This is undeniably a trend that many people will be strutting in these upcoming seasons.

How To: This is the perfect way to start off the upcoming hot weather. Get started and buy yourself an article of clothing with this lace up detail to contribute to this cozy and stylish fad. You can even opt out of the leather jacket and booties for a fedora and some lace up sandals for more of a bohemian approach.