ALL IN THE DETAILS: Keeping It Simple

Don’t feel pressured to wear bright colors and floral patterns simply because it’s spring. You can still sport the cutest spring outfit without all the pizzazz. Simplicity is a wonderful thing and most certainly a trend that deserves more credit than it receives.

I found this Fashionista rocking a perfect and simplistic spring ensemble. Her gray top gives the look a soft vibe and is a great alternative to a bright white top. Not to mention, this top looks wondrously comfortable. She pairs the top with a plain black skater skirt. Wearing black during spring is completely acceptable because it matches everything. Every Fashionista should have a simple black skirt in her closet. In addition, black can be paired with any color and any pattern. It complements the light gray top and gives the look a great contrast of color.

To give the look a pop of color, she wears an adorable red and black headband. It’s just enough to give the look a little color all while keeping the simplistic trend. To complement the headband, she finishes her outfit with a pair of red Vans with black laces. Her shoe choice really ties the look together. For a final touch, she adds some rings to show off her fun and outgoing personality.

How To: Keeping it simple is, well, simple! Whether it be maxi or mini, grab your favorite black skirt. Then pair your most comfortable and plain colored top with it. Add a little pop of color either with your shoes or accessories, and you have captured the beauty of this trend!