All IN THE DETAILS: Keepin' It Professional

Summer is coming and students are on the internship and job hunt before they return home (or head to a new city). When looking for a part time or full time gig, being dressed for the part is what matters the most. Whether you are interning at the White House or working at your local retail shop, adding a little style to your uniform never hurt anyone. “Dress for the job you want” is the saying and this Fashionisto has it perfected. There’s is nothing like wearing a blazer and suit pants to help solidify the deal.

This Fashionisto chose to go with presidential accents to execute his look. He opted for a navy blue blazer with a red pocket square. He wore a white button-up shirt underneath with a red tie that was accessorized with a silver tie clip. He paired his blazer with a pair of blue suit pants that was a few shades lighter to add another blue into the mix. He finished his look off with a brown cross-body bag, brown lace-up chukkas and, of course, a smile.

How To: Just secured your dream internship? Not sure what to wear on your first day in the office? Nothing says ready to work like a clean pair of suit pants, a button-up shirt and a blazer. These three office essentials will carry any Fashionisto through the summer while they are learning the ropes of their future industry. Pair a cool printed button-up with a simple pair of suit pants or go simple with a white shirt and navy blue suit pants. The options are endless and ultimately, you get to decide.