Getting ready for a day of classes can be a struggle; you’re too lazy to put in effort but you also don’t want to look like a total slob. Finding a perfect balance between interview-ready and just-rolled-out-of-bed can take a lot of work but it all comes down to the details.
When I’m trying to figure out a fashionable yet casual outfit, I turn to a few different strategies: funky shoes, jewelry, a pop of color. This Fashionisto chooses two of these strategies. By incorporating shoes in a bright pop of red, this Fashionisto spices up an otherwise basic outfit. His black and white ensemble features other small details, such as zippers and tapered pants. The most noticeable detail however is the bright-colored Nikes, which portray an athleisure type of look.

With the growing popularity of athleisure has come a wide array of hot shoes to choose from. There are hundreds of brands, colors and styles to pair with your daily outfits in order to spice them up. The best part about the new approach to sneakers is that it is acceptable to wear them with any outfit. You don’t have to wear them with leggings or sweatpants like this Fashionisto has chosen. Throw on some boyfriend jeans or a dress with your new Roshes; it’s 2016.

How To: Browse the Nike, adidas and New Balance websites for a pair of kicks you love. Choose them in a bright color to stand out with more basic outfits or vice versa. You’ll end up looking pretty fly either way.