ALL IN THE DETAILS: Hot As Desert Boots

April 15th, 2015 at 2:10am

Summer is approaching but it’s still too cold to put our boots away. As we transition from the cold winter months to the hot summer months, it only makes sense that we need a transition shoe. The desert boot is thin and versatile for these in between days.

As shown by this Fashionisto, a subtle, deep coloured pair of trousers goes perfectly with the taupe desert boots. The shoe is suede which adds texture to the outfit. Of course, layering is essential in these temperatures and a scarf adds both pattern and texture to the outfit. The light button-up shirt adds a sophisticated touch to the outfit while also lightening the whole ensemble. The jacket is fun, edgy and consistent with the look and is the perfect piece for layering. A white faced watch with a simple brown leather band is classy and complements the tones of the boots.

It’s no wonder that these statement shoes have become so popular, they look amazing with any outfit. They are especially perfect for wearing a rolled up pair of denim with. Due to the mid-top nature and soft suede of the shoe, a rolled up pant cuff fits perfectly on top. This look avoids any crumpling of both the pant and the shoe and complements the layered look of the top half of the outfit.

Desert boots are easily dressed up or down. In the summer months, you can even keep cool while wearing a low-top pair with rolled shorts. For a dressy evening out, switch out suede for leather for a classier texture.

How To: Just got a new pair of denim but don’t know how to wear it? Roll them up a little at the bottom and throw on a pair of desert boots. You can even wear some peek-a-boo dressy socks with them to add a fun flare to the outfit!