ALL IN THE DETAILS: Hats, What It's All About

April 14th, 2016 at 2:00am

The transition period may have you tied up when you get dressed in the morning. However, this Fashionisto stays seasonable with neutral cool grays and a touch of color, but it’s all in the details.

By keeping the same color palate of gray tones, he opens the door for a lot of options for embellishment. The shoes stay in the same category while adding a pop of neon, which brings us into the spring style. The electric orange shoes pairs nicely with the joggers this Fashionisto chose to sport on the brisk spring day. Joggers, in particular, are crucial to this look. They give off a casual vibe, however, they are not sweatpants, so they aren’t isn’t too laid back to go out in style.

The hat puts the look together by keeping the same color palate from head to toe. The black writing contrasts with the gray material and draws the eye to the pocket T-shirt. This T-shirt would be nothing without the patterned pocket. The tropical pattern in purple somehow seems to fit among the other outfit attributes.

How To: To recreate this look, you don’t have to think twice about sacrificing your comfort. Simply throw on a pair of joggers and pair with a T-shirt, possibly with a pop of color. Then, step into those kicks with confidence and top it all off with your hat of choice. Color goes a long way with cool tones as the background, so remember not to overdo it. The perfect balance of comfort and spring style is right at your fingertips!