ALL IN THE DETAILS: Girly with an Edge

January 30th, 2017 at 2:00am

When it comes to fashion, there are no rules. There are so many different styles and new trends, that the possibilities are endless. One of my favorite ways to mix things up in my wardrobe is to combine various colors, prints, and textures. This Fashionista combined both girly and edgy pieces to create a perfectly balanced look.

Ripped jeans are a constant that set an edgy and rebellious tone of an outfit. Denim comes in many different colors, but choosing a pair of jeans with a dark wash will create a strong contrast in your outfit. This Fashionista chose a pair of black-wash jeans with minimal destruction. Choosing a pair of denim with more destruction can set a more extreme tone for your outfit.

One feminine piece to contrast destructed denim in an outfit is a floral print top. Her choice of an off-the-shoulder floral top adds just the right amount of femininity to this outfit. The white background color of the print also adds a bright contrast to the black wash jeans.

Depending on the details, a pair of booties can really elevate the tone of an outfit. Booties in dark colors such as black and maroon are typically worn with an edgy outfit, but choosing a pair with metal details such as buckles and chains can make the outfit even more daring. These perforated booties are a great example of unique detailing.

Jewelry is the simplest way to make an outfit feel more fun, flirty, and feminine. A bracelet is my favorite piece of jewelry to achieve this tone. This Fashionista chose to wear a dainty, gold cuff bracelet with natural stones.

The best way to mix up your style is to literally mix it up. Pairing contrasting and different trending pieces will bring an entirely new mood to your wardrobe. Whether you choose velvet and leather or camouflage and animal print, just have fun because there are no rules!