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ALL IN THE DETAILS: From a Mainlander's Closet

May 12th, 2016 at 2:06am

Every day textile designers are given the challenge of creating memorable eye-catching motifs to be put in repeat and printed on fabric. Patterns, which are normally created a year in advance, are an essential factor to a designer’s fashion line and require the skill of the detail-oriented that can work effectively in a fast-paced environment. Once the design solutions have been printed, cut and sewn into articles of clothing, they are then sent out to stores for purchase and instantaneously dictate our current fashion trends. People, animals, nature, historical objects or even pieces found in routine interactions may inspire these designs.

One current seasonal trend that has made its way across the States is the Hawaiian print. This design is seen as a timeless piece with its familiarity of elegance found in the natural real world. They provide a range of color and assist in making outfits appear more lively and optimistic with its sense of creativity. If you are like me, you may have found it difficult to figure out how to perfectly wear a Hawaiian shirt. However, dressed for a casual sunny day in Northern California, this Fashionisto has collaborated his short sleeve Hawaiian shirt effectively with other current fashion favorites for a refreshing streetwear inspired look.

The outfit is made up of four different elements: top, bottom, shoes and accessory. The chosen button-up shirt is composed of a dark blue background, deep, earthy green leaf motifs and vibrant pink hibiscus flower with a hint of white in the foreground elements for a realistic glare to the textile design. This piece gives the outfit an edgy, modern appearance compared to the typical Hawaiian shirt made of entirely creamy or vivid colors, and is especially great for an individual who loves wearing darker shades with subtle exceptions of color to zest up their style.

To complement this complex design, this Fashionisto chose to pair his shirt with white washed denim jeans to evenly contrast the darker hue. Lighter pants are a better solution than khakis or black jeans in this situation, as it livens up the shirt by keeping away from dullness for a fashionable statement. Accompanied with the top and bottom, he crisped up the look with adidas Originals Superstar shoes and a black leather Daniel Wellington watch component that contributes simplicity and class to the overall outfit.

How To: Have you been saving that Hawaiian shirt from two vacations ago or been eyeing down that one vacation inspired floral print in your favorite retail shop’s window? Textile designers will be more than pleased if you spice up your style with prints, so you should definitely try it on and pair it with some nice white shoes and light-colored bottoms to get that vacationer’s streetwear look.