ALL IN THE DETAILS: Flowers Are Forever

Florals for spring aren’t a new concept and not all that interesting or revolutionary according to The Devil Wears Prada. But sometimes a proven classic makes a great statement. The biggest question when it comes to florals is just how bright should the pattern to be? Florals are busy as is, so some may be tempted to use darker color palettes such as purples and blues and blacks. This Fashionista knows that brightness is a necessity in spring and isn’t bothered by pairing both brights and florals together to create a very soft and beautiful look worthy of the fresh air.

Rompers are always an on point trend in spring so its a no-brainer to pair the floral and romper together. This romper is interesting, however, in that the ruffled sleeves and cinched waist give both a flow and flattering fit to the shapelessness that can accompany rompers. Killer sandals are absolutely necessary and these sandals that she’s wearing are no different. The addition of the ankle chain and the other bracelets and rings add extra girly flare but the headband really seals the deal.

Florals are sometimes tricky in that one can wonder how much is too much and whether the print is too large or too small. My opinion is that florals are beautiful continuations of what’s already occurring in nature so feel free to throw on as much floral as possible. The great thing about this headband is that it’s very reminiscent of the festival trend but paired with this romper it provides further femininity.

How To: First, figure out what kind of article of clothing you want to rock your floral on. Shirts, dresses, jeans—the options are endless. Next, find a color that suits you! If brights aren’t always your cup of tea, then feel free to start small with a lighter shade of your favorite dark color. If your favorite dark color is black then rock black flowers with colored leaves or a black fabric with colored flowers. Don’t forget to pile on the accessories but try to keep them fairly basic as to not outshine the already busy floral pattern.