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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fall Hues In Spring

I understand that certain colors are reserved for certain seasons, but you cannot deny that this outfit is not everything right now! The way this Fashionisto combined different shades of blue to pull this outfit together is pretty tight; I think he deserves all the cool points for this ensemble.

He has the whole monochromatic thing going on. Normally, I tend to see this trend being exercised by Fashionistas, but this Fashionisto decided to make this trend his own. Whenever I do see guys doing monochromatic, it is usually pretty casual style, such as denim on denim, or maybe even all-black. This Fashionisto showed us a way to do monochromatic to where you could wear this outfit on a first date or maybe even a school presentation.

Here, he has a navy blue blazer on. The detailing in this jacket is really what attracted me. It has a bit of a crosshatch stitching within the blazer that really makes it a statement piece. Underneath this blazer is a simple chambray denim button-up. Denim button-ups are something everyone, yes, men and women, should have in their closets, at least one. It is the perfect piece that can literally be worn with almost anything and can be dressed up or down. He adds a pair of dark-washed denim pants in navy to tie in his whole ‘fit. He cuffs his pants at the bottom to expose his black socks and throws on some black Chelsea boots for shoes.

How To: I am sure y’all are really feeling this look! Just grab that denim shirt out of your closet (because remember, I said everyone should have at least one). Find you a nice navy blue blazer and scope out a pair of navy pants. You will be able to replicate this look in no time!