ALL IN THE DETAILS: Don’t Believe Me, Just Watch

With Apple’s announcement of their new smartwatch, savvy digital watches are at the forefront of popular culture. We can do everything from see the day’s forecast, check our stocks and, oh yeah, we can see the time too. These new tech watches may be the way of the future, but we cannot overlook the simple elegance of a quality watch.

At first, I did not notice this Fashionisto’s watch, only his great style. It was his watch that inspired me to focus this week’s post on this underrated accessory. His watch is a minimalist style, with a large face and a timeless black leather strap. This watch can be paired with virtually any outfit and adds a sophisticated touch to his look.

New technology comes and goes, but a classic watch will always stand the test of time. The key is to find a watch that truly fits your personal style. Crystal encrusted bands or exaggerated faces may be the perfect watch for some people, but you cannot go wrong with a watch that has a simple face and a band made out of a good material. Two-tone metal watches can add the perfect amount of luxe to any outfit, but if you prefer a more simple style, a watch with a leather band can be dressed up or down.

For the rest of his outfit, he wore tailored black pants with a gingham shirt and leather sneakers. His casual look is perfect for going from class to work, but one simple detail differentiates him from the crowd.

How To: For guys, keep it simple. Let a bold watch be the stand out accessory in your outfit. For girls, make your look more fashion-forward by layering your watch with bracelets and rings that pair nicely with your timepiece.