ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dipped in Denim

March 9th, 2016 at 2:10am

Somewhere deep in the archives of my family photos there are pictures of my mother drenched in denim. This photos were primarily taken circa 1994 or 1995. My lovely mother rocked a denim jacket and usually a nice, conservative pair of mom jeans. She was probably too busy taking care of my two ornery older sisters (I came into play in 1996, and am the reigning favorite) to realize that she was fashion-forward. Over 20 years later, my mother’s denim aesthetic is becoming a trend in stores and on the runway. Denim tops, jackets and mini skirts are, as they say, all the rage. Even more enthralling is that embroidered denim jackets are also becoming a fad again. That’s pretty rad. Shoutout to my mother for having the ability to not only raise three daughters but to also be quite the trendsetter. I really do get it from my momma.

This Fashionista too is a trendsetter. Her ensemble is coolly casual and relaxed. The base of her outfit is a double down of denim. She pairs a chambray with destroyed boyfriend jeans. Though the hues of blue are different, the trend is still evident and well executed. She layers the look with both a black bomber and a tan longline coat to add dimension. Lastly this Fashionista finishes off the outfit cream scarf for texture and bright red booties for flare. This ensemble is perfect for a brisk spring day when meandering around campus.

How To: Denim is the foundation of the commercial fashion industry. Find any old pair of jeans and throw on a chambray to mimic this Fashionista’s look. If you’re feeling extra trendy, trade the chambray for a destroyed denim jacket for added edge.