ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dior the Details

“To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.” I don’t think Giorgio Armani could have said this any better. Outfits are not created mindlessly, but are created with the utmost attention to details. This includes patterns, colors, fabrics, and much more. I believe that when a person truly pays attention to things such as these, they are given the power to make a lasting fashion impression.

This Fashionisto understands that more than anyone I have had the opportunity to collaborate with. The aesthetic of this outfit is impeccable. The solid black crewneck and white Vans provide contrast while the striped shirt serves as a perfect medium. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see someone with a shirt tied around their waist. Even though it may not serve a huge purpose, it does add flair and style to an outfit. As the sleeves are cuffed, the bottom of these jeans are too. It is important to remember simple tips like this that allow your look to obtain fluidity and be pleasing to the eye.

denim jacket goes incredibly well with colored jeans, and almost any bottom in general. An insider scoop that I was impressed to learn was that this denim jacket may look vintage, but this Fashionisto went above and beyond to design the rips and snags by hand (talk about major detailing)! This allowed him to tailor the jacket just the way he wanted, which obviously turned out fab.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get better… it does. The stitching on this crewneck was also done by hand! These details are simple, but provide so much meaning, especially when the individual puts an immense amount of work into the details themselves. Simple statements like these can leave a lasting impression on many people.

Some of us may throw clothes together like it’s nothing, and that is perfectly fine, because I do it myself. There are days that you put on outfits with the same corresponding accessories because you have worn them 100 times before. Then, there are times you branch out and try a style you were hesitant about. In either case, I challenge you to put thought and effort into the details, and see where it leads you.