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April 13th, 2016 at 2:06am

Just because winter is over doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice one of my favorite techniques for warmer weather. Layering can be adapted to fit the spring, as this Fashionisto so eloquently demonstrates through his look.

In the winter, Fashionstas/os tend to layer up with flannels, sweatshirts, heavy coats or all three at once. But in the spring, a denim jacket is the perfect piece to add the element of layering without being too warm.

Denim jackets have become increasingly popular this season due to their customizability. While this Fashionisto opted for the classic look, adding pins and patches can be expressive of your interests and help show off your personal style. Embroidery is another option that can take your jacket to the next level by cultivating its unique, one-of-a-kind personality.

The Fashionisto pairs his denim jacket with khaki pants and a pink plaid shirt to add a pop of color. The versatility of denim is so vast, making a denim jacket the must-have item this season. While generally frowned upon in the fashion world, I have been known to wear denim on denim from time to time.

He ties his look together with a pair of brown boots perfect for the impending April showers. Finally, to finish off his look, this Fashionisto dons a vintage hat, a watch to ensure he is always on time and a subtle pair of glasses.

How To: Imitating this look is so simple. Find a denim jacket—and with all the options available, there is no reason it should be one you’re in love with—and pair it with essentially anything. Customize your jacket by adding pins or patches, or leave it just the way you bought it. It is extremely hard to make a denim jacket look anything but amazing.