ALL IN THE DETAILS: De-stress with Distress

April 11th, 2016 at 2:10am

When April showers begin to fall, students anxiously await for the May flowers to bloom. Whether you are a first year or senior, this period is full of the typical stress and exhaustion that comes along as the semester nears its end. During this time, it often feels as though when it rains it pours, however it’s important to remember that you have to keep the momentum going. You have almost reached the finish line–don’t let anything, especially the weather, rain on your parade or style.

One way to de-stress is with distressed denim. In the peak of the semester, collegiate students are constantly on-the-go with on and off periods of rain and sunshine. A pair of ripped jeans is an important staple to have in your closet because it is the perfect element that completes an effortless, relaxed style. With distressed denim in your life, the only tears you will shed this spring are on your jeans!

Less is more when it comes to styling ripped denim, which makes sporting this look simple and perfect for April. Depending on your preference (flare, boyfriend, skinny, etc.), any type of jean can be distressed. Ultimately, find the denim that works best for you. This Fashionisto keeps his tattered look polished and clean with his minimalist, structured outfit. He pairs his ripped denim perfectly with a light bomber jacket and comfy T-shirt which are key layers for the humid and rainy days. To top off his ensemble, this Fashionisto wears a pair of sleek sneakers. These shoes, along with the other elements in his outfit, are versatile and essential pieces to maintain your style, even in periods of stress.

How To: Ripped jeans can be daunting but easily worn if the jeans remain the focus of the outfit. Keep the remaining clothing and accessories simple and structured to ensure that your tattered look is not overshadowed.