ALL IN THE DETAILS: Chrome Our Hearts

May 23rd, 2016 at 2:00am

Why should men miss all the fun that comes with jewelry?

Accessorizing is a genderless practice that can completely change the look of an outfit. Rings and bracelets are often a great tool to bring all the attention to your hands and all the elaborate hand movements you make. We all want those precise hand movements to be appreciated once in a while. The great thing about something like a cool ring or a unique scarf is that you can focus your outfit inspiration on one thing.

Jewelry has been a big trend for men on and off the runway this season (watch the Louis Vuitton spring 2016 accessories campaign). Flexible materials like leather and canvas have given male jewelry a refreshing stock of options.

Chosen during this oddly cold spring, this Fashionisto opted for a layered look. Taking full advantage of the versatility layering offers the outfit consists of a J.Crew coat, Donup pants, Gallo socks, a distressed sweater, a basic black T-shirt and a hand full of accessories.

The style sensibility of this Fashionisto can be attributed to the perks of his Italian background. He used to live in Milan where he picked up some mad dressing skills. Skills that pair elaborate metallic rings with laddered acrylic and wool Diesel sweaters. A mix that does visual wonders. What I would call a “crowd commanding choice of attire.”

His rings and bracelets are the key detail I want to highlight. A classic knited Bottega Veneta leather bracelet in pacific blue, which looks pretty peaking out of the sleeve attracting just the right amount of attention. It is out-staged only by a unique wood bead bracelet that looks exotic and brings about thoughts of the beach and piña coladas. In addition to two Chrome Heart’s rings, which have a masculine shape and look that rebels against the preppy coat in just the right way. Not by mere coincidence do the socks complement the blue of the bracelet and the greens in the sweater.

Take note boys and indulge in some accessories this season.

How To: To get this detailed look, pick statement pieces from your wardrobe like a unique sweater and pair it with textured bracelets and rings. You could add a ring or a necklace if needed. The accessories will pop and the statement piece will give it an edge. Remember to think what you want to communicate with your outfit; that way you will create a coherent look.