ALL IN THE DETAILS: Channel Your Inner Geek

April 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

With nearly four weeks of classes left, another semester is about to come to an end! With the end of a semester comes a lot of work (cue Rihanna). Everyone is busy studying for finals and project. It’s the time to channel your inner geek! When I spotted this Fashionisto on campus, I was impressed with his impression of geek-chic.

Geek-chic is a fashion trend popular amongst both men and women that embraces the nerdy culture while still looking trendy. While most of the people associate geek style with geeks, nerds, computer techies etc, you do NOT need to be a nerd to be able to pull off this stylish yet spunky trend. Hello? Justin Timberlake and Johnny Depp have pulled of this trend. It’s all the rage in Hollywood! However, it doesn’t hurt to embrace your nerdy alter egos that are buried and locked deep inside you and let them shine!

This Fashionisto’s geek-chic look hits right at the mark! His look is subtle and the right amount of fun. This Fashionisto has put on a basic round-neck sweater over a crisp collared white formal shirt and paired it with a pair of slightly torn jeans and canvas shoes. He has perfectly accessorized the look with spectacles and a watch that adds an edge to the look as well!

Although the geek-chic look is meant to be fun, its important to note that its also supposed to be neat, clean cut and modern. So you might want to avoid anything too baggy. Another important tip when it comes to a geek-chic trend is that layering is the key! Layering adds a complete and well-rounded flare to the look.

Lastly, while its important to be neat, don’t forget to have a little fun. After all fashion is about breaking rules! So go ahead and experiment with patterns and colors, bow ties and ties. Leave the shirt untucked or roll up your sleeves!

How To: The key to nailing this trend is experimenting with colors and patterns. Adding the right amount of accessories such as spectacles, suspenders etc. to your normal look is key. Don’t be too afraid to try something new!