There is no greater trend that people wish to conquer than that of the boho chic hipster-esque trend. It’s one that’s flaunted all over magazines and Tumblr, especially now that summer is dawning upon us. But, it’s also one that can be hard to master. Its difficulty doesn’t come from not being able to find boho pieces, it’s from not knowing how to put those pieces together without being overwhelming. Now the first thing to do is to pick a base. What I mean by base is, what pattern, color or focal point are you going to use as the showcase of your outfit?

This Fashionista opted for a pattern, being floral, but also decided that her two piece co-ordinates would steal the show. Co-ords are incredibly simple to wear because they come in a matching set and are usually a deviation from the average shorts/pants and shirt combo. The great thing about this co-ord in particular is that it flows, definitely a boho necessity, and the top ties in the front giving great shape to her body and also adding playfulness to the look. Next are the shoes. Boho outfits, in essence, are the kinds of clothes you’d fine Vanessa Hudgens wearing to Coachella. So for footwear sandals, of most any variety, and boots are musts. This Fashionista chose textured black booties to add great flare to the outfit while also using the heel, in a most functional way, to keep her pants from touching the ground. The final addition to finish off a boho chic look is, of course, accessories. Accessories can be any bracelet, ring, necklace, toe ring, earring, headband or body chain that you can think of putting on. The more the merrier.

How To: Find a nice co-ord that suits your fancy whether it the bottoms are pants, a skirt, or shorts. Stack on jewelry and voila, the makings of boho chic in very simple steps.