ALL IN THE DETAILS: Beauty on a Budget

May 1st, 2017 at 2:00am

I think we can all agree that college is expensive. From books to rent, college does not come cheap. Sometimes being a Fashionista means you got to be “ballin on a budget.” For at least a few years we must say goodbye to those designer bags and say hello to Goodwill. Not to hate on Goodwill at all; I have found some of my favorite clothing pieces there. Goodwill is this Fashionista’s holy ground to say the least. She spends most of her days rummaging though the racks at our local Goodwill. She even lives across the street from one.

This look—believe it or not—is all thrifted. This outfit is a perfect example that, from top to bottom, with a little DIY magic you can have a fab look at a fraction of the cost. The look starts out with a simple graphic T-shirt. Goodwill is full of old vintage T-shirts. This Fashionista made it her own by cropping it. A helpful hint when looking for T-shirts when thrifting is to go to the men’s section. The men’s section usually has more graphic T-shirts than the women’s. You never know what cool vintage clothing will be hiding in the racks.

This Fashionista paired the graphic top with some cut-off, high-waisted shorts. Since it is FINALLY spring these shorts are perfect for the warm afternoons spent walking around campus. Last are accessories; I am obsessed with this western style belt. These belts are perfect for the upcoming festival season and add a good detail to this outfit. Belts are a detail that is sometimes forgotten about. So next time you feel that your outfit is lacking, add a belt to spice it up. Another detail is the shoes. The silver hardware in these thrifted combat boots match the belt perfect and tie together the outfit giving it a more cohesive look.

There you have it, a 100 percent thrifted outfit that is cute and perfect for spring!