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May 12th, 2015 at 2:05am

It’s that time of year. May weather has us wanting to wear the basics. High-waisted jean shorts and simple tank tops become the staple of our wardrobe. But we still struggle. How do we differentiate these necessary, simple outfits? Take one look at this Fashionista and you will never ask “how” again.

I caught her on her way to a study group. She was, from afar, looking not too different from the other stylish girls on campus. But then I caught a glimpse of her in the sun, and I had to know more. With some simple black leggings, a white tank and an army jacket—she was already looking good. But the combination of her shoes and accessories brought the whole look to the next level.

Look at the detail of her shoes. It’s just enough to make her whole outfit pop. The way the beadwork caught the sun gave it a very fun look. Combined with the bracelets draping her arms, the look was perfection. These beaded accessories added flare and texture to the otherwise simple ensemble. She stood out in the right amount, having everyone crave her style.

How To: Next time you are headed out and about for the day, grab a simple pair of boyfriend jeans or shorts and a very basic tank top. Then throw on a pair of beaded flats. Finish the look with as many bracelets as you can fit on your arm. Some rings wouldn’t hurt either. You will be the life of the party.