ALL IN THE DETAILS: Athleisure Addict

April 20th, 2016 at 2:00am

Since the weather has finally gotten nicer, I’ve noticed how popular “athleisure” outfits have been on campus. Students in England really embrace the sunshine and love to be out-and-about on nice days. Though this month is crunch time for everyone: for school, working out and finding summer jobs, It’s a busy time and people are enjoying the warmth by mixing their flashy athletic wear with favorite staples from their closets.

I actually found this Fashionista when I was out walking on a nice day and she was taking photos of her outfit for her Instagram. What caught my eye about this outfit was the mint- colored cropped hoodie she was wearing and how I instantly wanted one. I love how she paired the hoodie with the crop top she’s wearing. Crop tops are a spring/summer must have, and it can easily be dressed either up or down. The mint color accentuates her hair, which is dyed a navy ombre. Her take on ombre hair is one I haven’t seen before and it gave me serious hair envy. She’s wearing Nike leggings with the “Just Do It” print with a pair of trainers. She adds detail with small gold necklace, bracelet and rings. Even her metallic smiley face phone case added to the look. Overall, this Fashionista looks amazing in her well-styled “athleisure” outfit.

How To: To recreate this look, go and pull out your favorite crop top from your closet. Then, find a cropped jacket to pair with it. It could be a hoodie, leather jacket, patterned jacket or anything that you feel would make the outfit pop. Then, add some leggings and a pair of matching trainers. Voila! You have an edgy “athleisure” outfit that will be sure to stand out amongst the crowd.