ALL IN THE DETAILS: An Athlete’s Touch

Who says athletics and fashion are mutually exclusive? The world of sports has been crossing over into multiple regions of fashion over the past few decades. Take Michael Jordan, for example, and his long line of sneakers that have impacted street fashion for both its style and exclusivity. Fútbol superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, has ventured in releasing premium tailored button-ups, undergarments and multiple footwear endorsements over the past few years in order to reach a bigger audience and market. Brands like Nike, adidas and Reebok are historically known for their successful intersection between sportswear and style.

Filling in the gaps, this UConn athlete, or should I say Fashionisto, is showing off that sports isn’t his only area of expertise. The adjustable Brooklyn Nets snapback is a great highlight to the outfit that shows accessories impact to the ensemble makes a big difference. Wearing a snapback backwards has the ability to turn you from a regular sports fan into a style master with just a quick turn of the cap. Showing off his craft of layering, a black Nike track and field pullover is implemented underneath the olive-colored jacket. True to his roots of track and field, this Fashionisto knows what type of material is easily accessible for movement that is both comfortable and durable for his body.

Sticking with Nike, the Nike Jordans add the perfect final touch of swagger to the outfit. The gray and black colorways bring a cohesive look that implements a fashionable twist to the athletic style.

How To: Want to imitate this look? Simple athletic wear brands that you own believe it or not can be incorporated together to create a style icon look. Layer pieces together similarly to the Nike pullover and jacket, along with a pair of jeans of your choice to give the look a fresh look.