ALL IN THE DETAILS: All About the Accents

April 26th, 2016 at 2:10am

To be quite honest, I know very little about menswear. The world of tailored suits and expensive raw denim is all too foreign to me. So when it comes to learning about the latest trends in the men’s fashion industry, I either turn to my younger brother or the couple of male members in Trend Magazine (the UCSD student-run fashion magazine I am editor-in-chief of) for inspiration. What I’ve learned thus far is that raw denim is indeed a huge trend among those who can afford it and oversized shirts like those reminiscent of the late ’90s hip-hop era are making a comeback.

One thing I noticed in particular among my fashionable male friends is that accents (not in the vocal sense) are a key element in an outfit. This Fashionisto showed an example of how something as simple as a few hints of color can work in making a look more unique. His clean and simple outfit started with a white T-shirt that acted as a solid base and he paired the shirt with a pair of lightly washed denim jeans. The important accents in this outfit include the red on his comfy flannel and the highlighter pink outlined on his pair of Nike Air Jordan sneakers. These subtle elements truly tie the look together in a rather unconventional way. I would have never guessed that the small details in even a pair of shoes could make a difference especially in menswear.

If you want to amp up your daily outfits during school, be sure to take note of the way this Fashionisto used color as accents to make an otherwise simple outfit much more cool.

How To: Start with the basics. Pair a plain shirt with your best bottoms whether that be a skirt or jeans. Pick an item, such as a jacket, to bring to life through an accent color or design. By doing this, you can be sure that your outfit will be all the more eye-catching and can even be a great conversation starter.