ALL IN THE DETAILS: Air Jordan Gamma Blue 11

April 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

Remember those middle school days when wearing triple extra large shirts and pants below the waist line were trending in men’s fashion? Yeah, I certainly do. Fashion styles recycle over the years but I know that’s one men’s look that’s not making a comeback. What’s great about men’s fashion is that it’s forever evolving too, just like the women’s. It’s refreshing to see that men’s fashion has developed into well-fitting pants worn properly on the waist and shirts that are just the right size.

But in the midst of all the cuffed pants, Chelsea boots and plaid shirts that are now trending in men’s fashion, this Fashionisto chooses to stand out. With a simple black V-neck shirt and uncuffed black jeans, this Fashionisto understands that an all-black look is a great canvas to start off any day ensemble. He also wears a staple men’s denim chambray shirt to keep the dark hue tone to his outfit. Anyone can definitely rock a denim shirt and an all-black outfit. It’s easy to stay in the same fashion spectrum as any man but what completes a look and what makes this Fashionisto stand out is his shoes!

He ditched the trending chelsea boots and winged oxfords and went for the classics. He is wearing the Air Jordan Gamma Blue 11. If a Style Guru were to check him out from head to toe, they would definitely do a double take on his shoes. His outfit seems simple but his shoes is not the usual kicks you would normally see on today’s men’s fashion. The Chelsea boot and winged oxford has become the norm. Try to stay out of the norm just like this Fashionisto!

How To: Your outfit feels simple. Do you want to stand out and not blend in with the norm with your shoes? Ditch the usual trend and go for the classics. It doesn’t have to be Air Jordan Gamma Blue 11.