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ALL IN THE DETAILS: adidas Trainers

Some of the hippest shoes on the market and in every fashion influencer’s wardrobe are adidas original trainers. The vastly popular styles are the Superstar and Stan Smith. These shoes make outfits minimal and chic, as to why fashion trainers are instantly becoming a hit. This week, I have a Fashionisto who shares his way of styling the coveted shoes for a trendy campus moment.

The Fashionisto wears a graphic sweatshirt with a witty line inside a square logo. The monochromatic top reflects his black and white Superstar trainers. The Superstars have a clean design with the crisp white surface and simple black stripes. The black and gold glistening adidas logo make it distinct to the Superstar name. He stacks a black and gold wrap bracelet with a Cartier love bangle to match the logo detail from the shoes. The Fashionisto also carries a desirable handbag from recent years, the Proenza Schouler PS11. Lastly, he drapes an oversized black coat over the shoulders, a trick many fashion bloggers use to make their looks more high end.

Another reason to love these sneakers is that they are unisex. Both Fashionista/os look great by incorporating them in outfits. The only down part is keeping them crisp white. I did a little research to help you keep them clean in case you want to invest in a pair. First, damp a wash cloth. Dip the cloth into a bowl of water with a few drops of detergent. Then use the cloth to clean the sneakers and dry with a dry towel. Last, let the sneakers air dry in a warm environment.

I hope that this week’s article give you some inspiration to style the trendy shoes and how to keep them clean!

How To: Style these fashion trainers with your favorite jeans, or go bold with a flare mini skirt!