ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Minimalistic Mindset

March 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

A misconception people tend to believe is that fashion is based on the complexity of an outfit. For an outfit to be fashionable, it has to break boundaries or push limits; but really, less is more. Minimalism in this way is a great concept because it allows for a person to say so much without over complicating the outfit. While minimalism is an international trend, it is more present in European areas. This Fashionisto even said he gets his fashion inspiration from his days in Belgium. Can you blame him? With designers like Ada+Nik filling the runways in London with all-black and a mixture of texture. This spring amongst the floral, we will be seeing a lot of texture like the leather in this Fashionisto’s bag

While keeping his color range simple with all-black and a pop of maroon, the backpack is what catches the attention of people passing by.This Dr. Marten bag‘s clean lines, subtle hardware and large size make it both practical and stylish. To finish the all-black look off, he adds a pop of color in the shoe. This Fashionisto’s look may appear simple his use of clean lines and structure from his backpack create a classic look.

How To: People often overthink their outfits when trying to decide what to wear to class. When looking through your closet, keep it basic. Look for things that are easily paired together like solid colors. Let your outfit be simple and make the details pop by playing with texture. Try trading in your running shoes for a statement shoe. By adding a statement piece to your outfit, you go from running late to street fashion-chic.