5 TikTok Beauty Hacks You Need To Know To Perfect Your BTS Makeup Look

With August in full swing and COVID-19 restrictions easing up, it’s the perfect time to add a little step to your back-to-school look. And while Pinterest and your favorite IG influencers will serve up all the outfit inspo you need, I decided to do God’s work and round up some of the very best beauty hacks courtesy of our one and only, TikTok, to perfect that everyday makeup look. Pull out the highlighters, serums and sunblock — it’s time to glow! 

How to make your pores shrink, reduce puffiness and so much more

I lead with this intentionally because if there’s only one hack you’re going to indulge in, let it be this. I hate when my pores are super visible so this has been a game-changer for me. The idea is to take an ice cube and run it over your face before applying your makeup to tighten your pores, and apparently, it works wonders. And if you’re thinking, “Gross. I don’t want melting ice in my hands,’ well, I’ve come up with quite the nifty solution. Fill an empty lipstick tube with water and leave it to freeze overnight. And there you have it, your own little ice-roller to shrink those pores, mess-free!

The eyeshadow hack you'll wish you knew sooner

Doing your eyeshadow is always one of those things that you’re either insanely good at or you only know how to do one standard look. Since I fall into the latter category, I’ve always wanted to experiment with new colors but truth be told, it’s always seemed pretty intimidating. This hack has become the universal answer to all our prayers though. Create vertical lines of eyeshadow starting on the outer corner of your eye using your darkest shade, lightening the shades as you move towards the inner corner. Once you’ve got a couple of shades on your lid and you’re ready to go, use a fluffy brush and blend.

How to make your very own DIY eye mask

Perfecting your skincare is just as important as perfecting the actual makeup look. One way to take care of your skin (that doesn’t involve dropping a lot of $$) is to create your very own DIY eye mask. Plus, who doesn’t feel boujee and beautiful with a little eye R&R? Cut some cotton pads in half (bonus points if you cut a shape), grate some cucumber and soak the pads in the grated mixture. Once your cotton pads are completely covered, set them in a jar and pop them in the freezer to use when you’re ready!

Doing your eyebrows made easy

Struggling to perfect that brow? Well, I’ve got quite the fix for you and you’d be surprised at how easy this is. All you need is a piece of tape, really. Place a piece of masking tape on your brows and line it up with where you see the bottom of your brow. Then, use that as a guide to pluck any stray hairs at the bottom and repeat the same process above your brow. Sounds easy enough, right?

You'll never believe me, but this is how to get your makeup to stay on longer…

This sounds almost a little too good to be true but if Bella Hadid swears by it, who am I to have doubts? The technique is called Jamsu and is a Korean Beauty hack so you can even do a little reading on it if you’d like. Essentially, once you’re done applying your makeup and setting it — you have to dunk your face in cold water for 20-30 seconds and it’s supposed to leave your makeup looking flawless and help it stay put all day. I don’t know about you folks, but I’d give just about anything to not have my makeup melt halfway through brunch.

Now that I’ve dished all the insider info, what are you waiting for? Go forth and have your hot girl semester! And don’t forget to tag us in your pictures on the ‘gram so we can take a peek too.

Featured image by @giselle.rosalie