5 Beauty Startups You Have to Check Out Right Now

5 Beauty Startups You Have to Check Out Right Now

While larger beauty corporations are always trying to bring new ideas to the market, I’m always amazed at how small startups make their way into the industry. These companies often start by solving a simple problem and within a few months, they transform into a profitable business that is healthier for consumers and the environment. I also love startups because they have sincere purpose and incredible founding stories. Supporting people and their ideas is an incentive for me when it comes to buying products from different startups! That said, here are five beauty startups that have been on my radar this past year:

Photo via byHumankind


byHumankind offers sustainable and ethically-sourced personal care products while also limiting single-use plastics. Their eucalyptus deodorant smells amazing and their shampoo bars are great for those getting started with bar-based hair care. If you’re looking for a subscription service that balances their carbon footprint and is good for your body, get bH. 

Photo via Credo Beauty

Credo Beauty 

Looking for a place to stock up on the latest clean beauty products? Look no further than Credo Beauty — think Sephora but you’re guaranteed to only shop clean beauty brands. Credo’s mission is to raise the standards of beauty by supporting female-owned and sustainable companies. I love how Credo also has a mentorship program for BIPOC founders who want to expand their beauty businesses. If you’re looking for a marketplace that carries products with pure ingredients or even want mentorship on your startup idea, Credo Beauty is a must. They have an online store as well as shops in Boston, Chicago, NYC, and San Francisco. 

Photo via Madison Reed

Madison Reed 

Finding salon-quality hair color for at-home use can be difficult, especially hair color that is cruelty free. Madison Reed’s goal is to provide consumers with hair care made with better ingredients (aka no parabens and hard-to-pronounce chemicals). As a newbie to hair color, their toning glaze seems perfect for maintaining highlights and balayage. They have a wide range of products: anything from highlights to bond building treatments to daily shampoo and conditioner. If you’re craving color but still want healthy hair, Madison Reed has everything you need. 

Photo via ManiMe


I’m never tempted to get manicures because they can be time-consuming, expensive, and sometimes a bit painful — even painting nails at home can be a messy affair. ManiMe is a beauty tech brand that provides fitted gel nails right to your door. Take a picture of your nails, select the color or print you want, and receive a package with custom gels. The custom gels are like stickers for your nails except they’ll look like you actually went to the salon. 

Photo via Quip


Although dental care can be quite unaesthetic, Quip’s mission is to bring good design to oral healthcare. I’ve been using their refillable floss pick for a few months now and it’s easily one of my all-time favorite personal care tools. Their electric toothbrushes have raving reviews by dentists and are some of the most affordable on the market. If you want to get whiter teeth and look good doing it, Quip could get you there quick! 

There is something different about shopping at brands that specialize in specific products and educate their consumers on their impact. I can’t wait to explore more startups and try the next big thing! 

What are some of your favorite beauty startups? Let us know in the comments below! 

Featured photo by @namra__k