10 Ways to Make Every Beach Vacation Better

With the summer of 2017 drawing to a close, you may be trying to fit in last-minute vacations and trips, or you may plan on traveling to warm, sandy climates during the winter months. Either way, these 10 ways on how to make your beach vacation better will come in handy!

1—Road trip it. If feasible, take the extra time and road trip to your beach of choice. You will gain more memories, stories, and time with your travel buddies.

2—Utilize your style. You know you have pieces of clothing in your closet that you “just don’t have anything to wear it for.” Well here’s your excuse! Push your style and take advantage of the trip to step out of your normal, everyday clothing.

3—Notice what’s around you. Some pretty incredible things can happen down by the shore that may be impossible in your hometown. Take advantage of these opportunities—you may experience a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

4—Wear swimwear you feel confident in. There is no worse feeling than being uncomfortable while surrounded by a group of people. Take time before your trip to find swimwear pieces that you feel happy, comfortable, and confident in to avoid these moments.

5—Avoid chain restaurants. Vacation destinations are known for being home to hundreds of locally-owned restaurants. Do some research to find fun and new places to enjoy!

6—Don’t forget your fitness goals. You might have been pushing yourself through workouts in order to prep that perfect beach body before your trip, so don’t throw it all away. Even if it’s just a few times over the trip, keep up with your fitness goals. Your post-vacation self will thank you!

7—But don’t be afraid to splurge. While staying on track with your fitness goals will make your post-trip physique happy, letting yourself splurge here and there on the trip will definitely keep your present cravings satisfied.

8—Keep up with skincare. This one is self-explanatory—sunburns do not fall under the definition of “fun” (and cause wrinkles).

9—Take advantage of Instagram moments. You’re surrounded by a beautiful backdrop that is most likely not common to your typical posts—take advantage of it!

10—Make time for self-growth. Vacation is a great time to unwind and take the time to invest in yourself, whether that be through reading a motivational book, making extra time just for yourself, or whatever unwinds your mind.

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