8 Holy-Grail Essentials For An Unexpected Layover

August 26th, 2022 at 1:00pm

With countless vacations and weekend getaways being accounted for in our calendars, it often slips our minds that we may face the inevitable. Whether you’re dropping off your over-packed luggage through the checkpoint or waiting in line to take your seat, receiving a flight delay notification can easily make the much anticipated trip turn into a nightmare. With just one announcement, minutes can creep into hours long of sitting in sturdy airport chairs as you anxiously wait to board.

To be prepared for the unexpected, CF listed 8 travel essentials, from the weekender bag to on-the-go beauty essentials that you won’t want to part with going forward.

The Weekender Bag

Whether your trip lasts two days or two months, The weekender bag is a must-have addition to your luggage assortment. Acting as a carry on, this item provides ample space for your extra necessities (sports shoes, sweatshirt, hydroflask, etc). With the design coming with a handle and strap, it’s the perfect multi-functional accessory to keep all personal belongings secured while walking and/or sitting through the busy airport.

Duffel Weekender Bag — Universal Thread

Available in 8 patterns.

Photo Via Target

Stay-The-Night Beige Weekender Bag

Available in Beige.

Photo Via Lulus

Steve Madden Quilted Weekender Bag

Available in Black, Light Pink and Light Blue.

Photo Via DSW

Vibrating Neck Pillow

Layovers can turn into a stressful situation very quickly, leading to a wave of emotions that include stress, tiredness or anxiety. With what seems like no solution to relieve this pressure, bringing a vibrating neck pillow with you on the trip resolves two matters in one! With just a push of a button you’re seconds away from receiving a powerful massage on the areas of your head and neck. With its ability to be lightweight, flexible and easy to use, it helps to relax your state of mind and comfort when faced with tension.

Hooshing Vibrating Neck Pillow

Available in Purple, Black and Blue.

NuvoMed Memory Foam Neck Massager

Available In Grey.

Photo Via Best Buy

Noise Canceling Headphones 

Not only are headphones turning into an accessory in the fashion realm, they are becoming an even bigger necessity in real time. For frequent flyers, reducing the noise around you is a game changer when surrounded in a crowded or loud area. It helps keep your focus on your favorite song, movie or t.v. show and allows you to enter in a more peaceful environment. A much needed essential when accompanied with an unexpected layover time.

Apple Airpods Max

Available in Sky Blue, Black, Silver, and Pink.

Photo Via Target

Sony Noise Canceling Headphones

Available in Black and Blue.

Photo Via Amazon

Anker Soundcore Life

Available in Black, Blue and Silver.

Photo Via Amazon

Battery Powered Portable Charger

Phones, laptops, and any other devices in between always have a way of dying at the most inconvenient times, with the airport being no exception. To avoid running around terminals looking for an empty outlet, bringing along a battery powered portable charger is the only way to travel right. Because these chargers don’t need a charger to gain power, before leaving the house all that is needed is the necessary power bank to insert that will allow the charger to give instant power to any device in seconds. 

Electject PowerPie


Photo Via Amazon

Goal Zero Sherpa


Photo Via Amazon

Zendure Portable Laptop charger


Photo Via Amazon

Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated throughout the day, let alone additional hours waiting for a flight, can become an expense. Instead of spending multiple dollars racking up on water bottles, sodas, or juices, purchasing a reusable water bottle helps to avoid the extra spending and keeps liquids staying cool. Not only is it a more ethical option, airports are filled with numerous water stations that allow you to refill your bottles anytime to keep you refreshed.

Bink Day Bottle

Available in 11 colors.

Photo Via Bink


Available in 9 colors in 24oz, 32oz and 40oz.

Photo Via Hydroflask

Frank Green Ceramic Reusable Bottle

Available in 13 colors in Regular 20oz and Large 34oz.

Photo Via Frank Green

Facial Cleansing Cloths

With your skin facing the long term effects of buildup and dehydration from mask wearing or not being able to fulfill your beauty regimen, facial cloths allow you to smooth irritation and lock in moisture. With only one pad away, travel cloths can give a glow-from-within like skin texture and prevent pores from clogging when cleansing. 

 Paula’s Choice Cleansing Cloths


Photo Via Paula’s Choice

Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleansing Towelettes

Available in 7 Scents.

Photo Via Amazon

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing


Photo Via Amazon

Hydrating Tinted Lip Oil

At the risk of sounding dramatic, there’s nothing more irking than a dry or chapped lip. With summer traveling being at its peak, a major travel essential is having a tinted lip oil on you at all times. Helping to keep your lips hydrated for hours on end, this product  delivers a subtle plump and a juicy punch of color to boost your natural look. 

Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil

Available in 9 Shades.

Photo Via Dior

Kosas Wet Lip Oil Gloss

Available in 8 Shades.

Photo via Kosas

Fenty Skin Cherry Treat Conditioning & Strengthening Lip Oil


Photo via Sephora

Matching Sets

The topic of finding the perfect loungewear for flights has been debated and debunked many times. With a plethora of joggers, sweatpants, hoodies and long sleeves to choose from, feeling comfortable and looking stylish seems like forbidden territory when it comes to travel. Surprisingly, the best solution comes in pairs! Matching sets are the ultra ‘grab and go’ look when it comes to arriving and waiting in airport style. With its ability to be stretch proof, lightweight, and chic, there’s no doubt you’ll be sitting in style.

Reformation Gianni Two-Piece Cashmere Sweater & Pants Set


Photo Via Reformation

Hollister Sweatshirt and Sweatpant Set

Available in Blue, Orange and light Purple

Photo Via Hollister