7 Winter to Spring Swaps We're Currently All About

Even though some days it doesn’t quite feel like it, spring is finally here. For weeks now I’ve felt eager to say”see ya” to my winter wardrobe and welcome my warm weather looks with open arms.

And just as I was about to retire my coats and boots, I found it harder than anticipated to part with some of my favorite winter things. How do you say “goodbye” to your beloved fur jacket? With a note? Flowers?

That was, until I realized that for each fashionable winter trend, there is a spring counterpart that will make parting easier and stylishly let me enjoy the new season (iced coffee and all).

Not sure what to swap out this spring? Here is our handy guide to all the winter to spring swaps you can and should confidently make now.

Cozy Fur Coat to a Ruffled Bomber Jacket Seventy-degree sunny days are (hopefully) upon us, which means it’s time to ditch the furry coats, and grab something lighter. Fortunately, leaving behind your coat doesn’t mean you have to give up the cute details. For my first swap, I suggest replacing your winter coat with a ruffled bomber jacket for a cute (yet sophisticated) look on your spring days.

New York City Visit to Beach CampingNew York is one of the prettiest cities to experience in the winter. Right after a snowfall, the city is perfectly covered in a white blanket and it’s the perfect scene that you could imagine from any Christmas movie. But now that it’s getting warmer, it’s time to trade the city getaways to an outdoorsy adventure. This spring, I’m venturing with my friends to camp on the beach, and we’re leaving our phones behind to take in all of the scenery.

Black Booties to Black Mules and Colored SocksWhether it’s with black jeans or tights and a skirt, you’ll always get the most out of your black boots during the colder months. This spring, a lot of fashion girls will be trading their boots for black mules and a pair of colored socks. Alternatively, I’ve seen girls wearing mules of any color of the rainbow to compliment bright-hued spring outfits.

Warm Cappuccinos to Matcha Smoothies
If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m a huge advocate for a delicious warm cappuccino. However, just like after Christmas when I had to switch from my Gingerbread Latte, this spring I’m swapping to something sweeter like a Matcha smoothie. Full of antioxidants, Matcha will taste good and boost your energy before classes. I’ll be drinking my smoothie while I’m running errands or while surfing the web for article inspiration.

Circle-Frame Sunglasses to Oval Sunglasses
At this point, I’ve seen circle-framed sunglasses taking over the Instagram world. But this spring, you should be the first of your friends to try something different. I talked a bit last week about deviating from the norm, making the change to oval-frame shades to look like a street-style star. Everyone from fashion-forward college students to Insta-famous bloggers are following the trend, including Larsen Thompson pictured below. This season, I’m obsessing over these McKinley Oval Frames from Elizabeth and James.

Off-the-Shoulder Long Sleeve Top to Asymmetrical Ruffle Blouse 
I’m glad the warm weather is finally here so I can start wearing exotic tank tops. Lately, I’ve been hooked on the asymmetrical sleeve trend. Check out this Asymmetrical Ruffle Blouse from Urban Outfitters for an awesome and girly tank for the new season! I can see myself wearing a top like this with a cool leather jacket for a night out, or over a white long sleeve top for a day of classes.

Little Black Bag to Colorful Crossbody Bag

Finding that signature little black purse is essential for matching your dark outfit and blending in during the winter, but spring is all about making colorful, bold statements. This spring you should try standing out in subliminal ways, like with a colorful cross-body bag. A colorful bag like this one or this one will making your look pop with color on the streets, on a trip downtown, walking to class, or in your next Instagram shot.

What swaps are you making for the spring? Let me know by posting your outfit on Instagram in the #StyleGuruLove tag!