WHAT TO WEAR: Too Cool and School

WHAT TO WEAR: Too Cool and School

I could list a million reasons why I love going to school in New York. At the top of the list, though, is definitely the absence of the question, “Why is she so dressed up for class?”

Whether you’re in sweats and sneaks or a dress and heels, you get the same reaction in the streets of Manhattan and in the halls of any school here. My fabulous roommate is a pro at transitioning between the two. I look forward to waking up to her adorned in a new aesthetic each day.

She’s best at creating a quick, chic combination of both genres of class attire; her sneakers are still stylish with their silvery metallic finish. A cute pair of slide-on sneakers has definitely become a wardrobe necessity for all of us who have walked one too many city blocks in booties.

We all know the struggle of having to wear a jacket that covers up an outfit we want to show off, but this can be easily avoided with layering. This LF stylist definitely promotes her brand well with not only one, but two shirts from the store. The long-sleeved cozy one allows the trendy band T-shirt to still be seen in the chilly weather.

There are just those certain trends that can’t be left behind and rely on bold individuals to carry them to the next generation with a modern flare. When worn like this, how could overalls ever go out of style?! The Fashionista adds her on twist by leaving one side casually drooped down, the focus still on the timeless band T-shirt.

It’s the worst trying to find an outfit suitable for every event one day holds. Luckily, there’s no need to run home after class before spending the rest of the day immersed in adventure when wearing an outfit as versatile as this one. The smallest details, down to an easy tug at a hair tie can change the whole vibe given off. Quick on her feet (thanks to the comfy, shiny Vans), she ditches the school bag and the ponytail and is suddenly ready to take on the city.

You’ll never need to stop for an outfit change again after adding a little more creativity (and of course, coffee) to your morning routine. If you can’t already tell from this look, it pays off. There is no time to waste when all the city has to offer is at our fingertips. The least we can do is look good while grabbing it!

Oh, and when in doubt…HOOP EARRINGS.