WHAT TO WEAR: Leather Jacket for Added Flair

WHAT TO WEAR: Leather Jacket for Added Flair

Welcome back to the cold, unforgiving weather in Northwestern Pennsylvania after a warm week. All of our hopes came crashing down when the snow appeared again and forced us all to bundle up again. Since the campus is located near a mountain range, the weather can be a bit unpredictable. One day it will be sunny and a decent 40 degrees, while the next will be freezing single digits and snow. This Fashionista prepared for the day ahead by making sure that she was warm and well dressed.

This Fashionista decided to attend her classes for the day looking stylish and chic. Since it is a chilly day on campus, this Fashionista opted for a stylish leather jacket instead of the basic worn out winter jacket look. She was smart in choosing a leather jacket with a hood to protect her gorgeous hair from the unpredictable weather on this campus. She went with a simple pair of black skinny jeans to match the more neutral vibe she is trying to achieve.

To add just a pop of color, this Fashionista decided to wear an olive V-neck shirt to keep warm under the leather jacket. To complete her outfit, she did not sacrifice style when it came to her footwear. Instead of the normal tan or wheat color that you picture when you think of Timberland boots, this Fashionista chose a more distressed brown pair to round off her stylish look. This Fashionista matched her outfit with a simple silver necklace and a pair of hoop earrings for some added flair.

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