WHAT TO WEAR: Everyday Campus Style

WHAT TO WEAR: Everyday Campus Style

The weather in Philadelphia has switched so frequently and so drastically for the last couple of weeks. One day, I am reaching for my favorite high-waisted shorts and the next day, I am reaching for my winter jacket, hat, and gloves. Dressing for this weather is difficult, but this Fashionista flawlessly pulls off a perfect everyday class outfit.

This everyday outfit idea is simple, versatile, and trendy for both winter weather and spring weather. This Fashionista is wearing a plain white T-shirt with the words “Locals Only” embroidered on the chest. She cut this T-shirt herself to give it more of an edgy look. Layering is key when the weather is unpredictable, so she threw on a jean jacket which both polishes and relaxes the look.

Black ripped skinny jeans keep the outfit simple and keep the attention on the gorgeous snakeskin booties. These printed booties dress up this otherwise simple outfit. Lastly, the Fashionista mixes metals in her jewelry to create a laid back feeling. She layers on silver rings, silver and gold bracelets, a gold watch, and a dainty gold necklace.

This outfit can be easily worn to class, a date, or a day in the city. An idea to take this look from day time to night time would be to swap out the jean jacket for a leather jacket and use darker colors in the eye makeup.

Overall, this simple outfit is so easy to throw on in the morning and is perfect for fluctuating weather!