Trends From The 2010s That Are Actually Making A Comeback

With 2000s inspired fashion trends being back in full force, next on the fashion cycle is the 2010s. But with some of its most iconic pieces being galaxy leggings, infinity scarves, and mustache plastered clothing, the 2010s has made a name for itself as one of the worst decades for fashion. Here is a list of eight fashion trends that, with some restyling will likely come back in full force sooner than you think.

Skirts/ Dresses Over Pants

This is arguably one of the strangest trends to ever exist. It’s very reminiscent of the early Disney Channel “It girl”. The style usually consists of some sort of dress over bootcut or skinny Jean under a colorful dress. But lately runway shows and influencers have brought back the style by styling tunics or longer shirt dresses on top of jeans or a more neutral pant. By playing with silhouettes and colors, the trend can go from the cringy look that we’ve come to know to a more sophisticated and edgy look.

Photo via Nordstrom

Lia Sheer Button-Up Shirtdress


Photo via Boohoo

Satin Oversized Shirt Dress

Available in Cream, Black, and Olive for $22

Photo via ASOS

ASOS DESIGN Lift and Contour Power Stretch Flared Jeans in Clean Black


Wedged Sneakers

With platform shoes having their moment it’s only a matter of time for wedged sneakers to make their comeback. Unlike the original shoes that were usually fabric and had the style of high tops, the new wedged sneakers seem to be following the chunky platform sneakers and dad shoe trends. By committing to a more sporty style rather than the athleisure look, this trend definitely has the ability to come back just as trendy as it originally was.

Photo via FILA

Disruptor II Wedge Sneaker


Photo via Zappos

Steve Madden Ecker Sneaker

Available in Black and White $99.95

Skater skirts

With tennis and pleated skirts making its way back into peoples wardrobes after so long, there’s no doubt in my mind that skater skirts will do the same. But instead of the tumbleresque style that it’s been associated with, it will likely get the influencer treatment.

Image via Cider

Warm Apple Cider Mini Skirt


Photo via Boohoo

Plus Croc PU Coated Skater Skirt


Peplum Tops

Usually styled with some sort of statement necklace, the peplum top came in every possible color and pattern of stretchy cotton fabric. The same style seemed to be worn everywhere from Coachella to the office, eventually making the style come off as juvenile. But the more recent versions of the peplum seen on runways have been reworked to fit multiple styles so there is something for everyone.

Photo via Nordstrom Rack

Woven Peasant Top


Photo via Fashion Nova

Never Average Top

Available in White and Black $30.99

Asymmetric Skirts/ High-Low Skirts

The high-low skirts had peeked in 2015 and although they never completely left, its popularity died down. With the way designers have been playing with silhouettes it’s not surprising to see them playing with asymmetry and the high-low skirt. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a rise in this trend again.

Photo via Lulus

In Love Forever Satin Lace-Up High-Low Maxi Dress

Available in Mustard Yellow, Rose, Orange, Lavender, White and Navy Blue. $89.

Photo via Cider

Texture Midi Drawstring Skirt

Available in Green, Violet, Black, and Burley Wood $16

Hair Feathers

Through Tiktok, hair gems and tinsel became the summer trend that I can’t get enough of. But I can’t help but think of the time where everyone was clipping feathers in their hair. It’s only a matter of time for this trend to go full circle and make its way back to the feathers.

Photos via The Feather Junkie

Feather Hair Extensions


Photo via Amazon

Boho Hippie Hair Extensions with Feather Clip Comb 


Clashing Colors and Patterns

The 2010s fashion became best known for its crazy layering, galaxy print, chevron pattern, and weird prints t-shirt quotes. And while these specifically may not be coming back, the maximalism trend feels very reminiscent of the 2010s in terms of ‘more is more’. By combining colors and patterns you usually wouldn’t think of your able to create very over the top and eye catching outfits.

Photo via Edikted

Malia Printed Jeans


Photo via ASOS

ASOS DESIGN Oversized Sweater in Abstract Pattern


Colorful Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry was paired with (what seemed like) every outfit in the 2010s. While more minimalistic jewelry pieces had their place in fashion recently, chunky and colorful jewelry is beginning to make a comeback. Jewelry has gotten a lot more creative especially with clay earrings and rings and beaded bracelets and necklaces. I can only see people getting more creative with how they style jewelry.

Photos via Etsy

Lizzie Chunky Polymer Clay Ring


Black Jeweled Cross Statement Earrings


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