If you live off campus like this Fashionista, heading to class can be a challenge. Instead of popping in to class and back home for quick nap before a club meeting, you’re on campus from 8:00 a.m. to midnight, and you probably have lunch and dinner packed in your bag. This Fashionista knows how to take her look from class to work and everything in between.

This pulled together look full of elevated basics is the perfect answer to any commuter student’s hectic day. You probably have some version of all these pieces in your closet. The key is to look for well-fitted pieces to make the look extra flattering. A three-quarter length top flatters you by ending the sleeve at the slimmest point on your arm rather than over your bicep. Its subtle cream stripe adds interest since most breton tops are black and white. Dark wash jeans are endlessly flattering and give you that extra bit of polish for your on campus job. The circle scarf adds just enough warmth for cold classrooms (or to serve as a pillow for a nap in the library).

A large bag is essential for carrying all of your school books. The adorable cheetah print on this one adds pattern to the outfit while still being neutral. To combat unpredictable New England weather, this Fashionista is wearing sensible riding boots. For an extra touch of protection, she said she treated her boots with a water proofing spray to keep her toes dry when it rains.

One Simple Change: To take this look out for the evening, pack a top to change into for later. Go for one with an interesting cut or texture: an off-the-shoulder top, an embellished tank or a sheer chiffon top will have you enjoying your evening with friends while looking fine.