WHAT TO WEAR: Black & Boujee

WHAT TO WEAR: Black & Boujee

When I would go shopping with my mom when I was younger she would always say, “Everything goes with black” and ever since then I have always had a lot of black staples that I can pair with anything. There is no doubt that wearing all black is sleek, chic, and sexy. There is nothing wrong with embracing you inner Wednesday Adams. It’s so versatile that you can take it from day to night easily. I don’t know about you but I am someone that can’t wear an outfit without a little bit of black in it.

I do not necessarily always wear black but I have a lot of black versatile pieces that I often pair together a lot. What I love about wearing all black is how minimal it is. It is so easy to put an outfit together consisting of all black garments.

This Fashionista is indeed wearing a lot of black but I think what makes it fun is how she styled it with a pair of medium-wash jeans. The denim adds color and texture to the outfit. The denim makes all of the other black garments stand out. Sometimes when you wear all black, especially if they are all different fabrics, it can look messy. It makes it even worse if they are also different shades of black!

This Fashionista wears this outfit so well. One thing I love about this outfit is that you could wear this from day to night. You could go out to lunch with your girlfriends or go downtown to the bar wearing this outfit. The aviators add a nice touch to the whole ensemble.

This Fashionista added a black duster in addition to the mesh bodysuit, which I think made the whole outfit really edgy. One thing I will say about bodysuits is that you don’t have to put much effort into an outfit when wearing it. When you wear a bodysuit, you basically have half an outfit together. Lastly, she then pulls the whole outfit together with a pair of black Chelsea boots, which goes with everything and you can’t forget about a cute cross-body. The boots add an edgy city chic vibe to the whole outfit.

That being said, this outfit is effortless and versatile.It’s all about how you piece it together. There is nothing wrong with wearing all black because it is timeless.