The Back to School Denim Trend Your Zodiac Sign is Begging You to Try

The Back to School Denim Trend Your Zodiac Sign is Begging You to Try

August is here and with it comes our beloved back-to-school season. As it becomes time to head back to campus, there are plenty of things worth consulting your horoscope for. While checking to see if you and your cute new lab partner’s signs are compatible is a given, take this month to also channel your zodiac through your outfits. However, there’s no need to devote your whole back-to-school shopping spree to what’s spelled out in your monthly horoscope. Instead, take one item on your list and pick up a piece that matches the characteristics of your sign—like denim, the ultimate back-to-school staple.

Since you’re bound to wear jeans all semester, channeling your sign with a fresh new pair will keep your zodiac in check as you make your way back to campus. No matter your sign, there’s a pair of jeans that your zodiac is begging you to purchase this back-to-school season—so keep reading for you August style horoscope.

Back To School Denim Based On Zodiac Aquarius

PHOTO: Giovanna Osterman, San Diego State University


Denim Overalls

When it comes to getting dressed in the morning, you’re all about wearing what makes you the happiest, Aquarius. Thankfully, overalls are having a major moment this season and the classic denim style is bound to put a smile on your face. No matter the wash or fit you choose, you’ll be able to experiment with a pair of overalls until you find the perfect first day of class #OOTD.

Back To School Denim Based On Zodiac Pisces

PHOTO: Chloe Felopulos, Fordham University


Customized Denim

Pisces are all about expressing themselves. Tap into your creative side and DIY a pair of jeans this month. Deck out your denim with your name in bold letters or draw on some delicate flowers—it’s up to you! Whatever you choose to do, a customized piece of denim will be the perfect accent to your back-to-school wardrobe.

Back To School Denim Based On Zodiac Aries

PHOTO: Leila Clairville, London College of Fashion


Lace-Up Denim

You’re truly the wild child of the signs when it comes to fashion, Aries. Take yet another risk with the lace-up denim trend this season. From tailgates to brunch dates, these daring jeans will quickly become your wardrobe MVP this semester.

Back To School Denim Based On Zodiac Taurus

PHOTO: Demisola Balogun, College Fashionista Alum


Denim Bermudas

You’ve always got a radar on the latest and greatest trends, Taurus, but you’re careful about which ones you invest in. The bermuda shorts you’ve been eyeing all summer are the perfect denim trend to pick up this month. These laid-back shorts check off your top two clothing criteria; they’re comfortable and fashion forward. Not to mention, they’ll last you through fall thanks to their longer length.

Back To School Denim Based On Zodiac Gemini

PHOTO: Katarina Brunette, College Fashionista Alum


Embellished Denim

Trying to define your style? Ha! That’s basically impossible for a Gemini like you.You’re style is always changing and evolving, so embrace it. Instead of purchasing pieces you’ll regret a few months down the line, opt for some denim that will grow with the rest of your wardrobe, like an embellished pair of jeans. No matter the embellishment you pick—from grommets to crystals or embroidery (the list goes on)—you’ll be surprised by how often you put these jeans to use.

Back To School Denim Based On Zodiac Cancer

Photo: Natalie Geisel, George Washington University


Pastel Denim

As a lover of all things polished and sophisticated, sometimes denim feels way too casual for you, Cancer. One way to dress up your denim game this season is with an unexpected pop of color. In a pastel wash, colored denim will take you from work to play as you make your way back to college this month.

Back To School Denim Based On Zodiac Leo

PHOTO: Natalie Carozza, Fashion Institute of Technology


Denim Bell Bottoms

Let’s face it, Leos thrive on attention. There’s just something about the feeling of having all eyes on you that makes your heart sing, especially at a big event like the first club meeting of the year. This Leo season, opt for a pair of dramatic bell bottoms. These sassy flares will ensure you’re the star of the show as you make the campus your runway this month.

Back To School Denim Based On Zodiac Virgo

PHOTO: Paulina Vartola, Finland


Wide Leg Denim

Virgo, you’re one chic sign! Since you’re all about softer pieces and hues, denim can sometimes feel too tough for your sophisticated style. Got a big in-class presentation coming up? Wide leg jeans have just enough structure to look polished when paired with an airy blouse. Need to head to the library but swore off sweats for the semester? Pair these jeans with a simple tee and you’ll be comfy enough to hit the books without ditching your put-together style.

Back To School Denim Based On Zodiac Libra

PHOTO: Stella Pyles, Liberty University


Cuffed Denim

For an update on classic denim, buy your straight-leg jeans extra long in length and roll ‘em up. Exaggerated cuffs will show that you’re up-to date with all things trendy without looking like you’re trying too hard. Plus, these jeans aren’t too out there so they’ll still go with everything you own—they’ll just add an elevated twist.

Back To School Denim Based On Zodiac Scorpio

PHOTO: Sharmaine Parrenas, New York Institute of Technology


Raw Hemmed Denim

If you could wear a uniform every day you would, Scorpio. You’re a creature of habit so once you find a look you love, stick to it. If jeans and a tee is your go-to, raw hemmed denim will fit right into your repertoire. Throw a frayed pair into your rotation on days when you want to head to class in a ‘fit that’s slightly different than your usual.

Back To School Denim Based On Zodiac Sagittarius

PHOTO: Ninah Caquias, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley


Printed Denim

When it comes to prints, no one can wear them as well as a Sagittarius. As the seasons change, invest in some patterned denim like these polka-dot mom jeans. While printed jeans may not seem like the easiest thing to wear, patterned pants go with literally everything in your closet (except, maybe more polka-dots)!

Back To School Denim Based on Zodiac Capricorn

PHOTO: Monica San Luis, Boston University


Denim Culottes

You’re all about simplicity, so statement denim really isn’t your thing, Capricorn. However, when styled with basic wardrobe staples, denim culottes will be right at home in your closet. For a classic first day of class look, pair your culottes with a white eyelet top and stacked sandals to let your new jeans shine.

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Opening Image by Erin Eagle