5 Black-Owned Hair Care Brands to Try Out ASAP

5 Black-Owned Hair Care Brands to Try Out ASAP

Black hairstyles have been a long standing form of expression for Black women throughout the culture. A lot like fashion, hair for a Black woman is an artistic form of self expression. Whether it is braids, a fro, or a head wrap, we will make it our own and wear it confidently.

As important as it is to rock a style, it is just as important to take care of our hair. When choosing hair care products, we can easily choose one that is not right for our specific hair type. That can cause long term damaging effects such as breakage from the harsh chemicals used in the product. Each strand on our head is equally essential so that we can show up and confidently rock whatever look we choose. Here are five Black-owned hair care brand recommendations from College Fashionista community members who have found products that work for them.

Design Essentials 

This first brand is my personal favorite — it was created in 1990 by Cornell McBride. Design Essentials is used professionally everyday across the U.S. This brand is ranked number two for natural hair care lines, which is very impressive because there are numerous brands in the U.S. There are product lines for each individual hair need: the Sulfate-free Almond and Avocado line specializes in hydrating and replenishing hair’s moisture, Coconut & Monoi products help revitalize curls for a full day of nourishment, and the Peppermint & Aloe line is a treatment process intended to detoxify the scalp. Design Essentials boasts a great number of products to try, I’m sure you will find the product perfect for you!

22nd Century Natural Products 

22nd Century is CF community member Naomi Parris’ go-to for all things natural hair. Naomi has been using this brand for five years now and has yet to stray from the all natural and organic hair care line. 

“The shampoo bars are my hair’s best friend and make washing days so easy. Not to mention this brand has an all natural ruby gel that has a great hold on my hair, as extremely thick as mine is,” said Naomi. The shampoo bar is intended to “clean the scalp and hair without stripping all of your natural oils so the hair can remain moisturized.” In addition, the bar is particularly good for individuals with Locs or braids

Shea Moisture 

This hair care line is a brand we all know very well, Shea Moisture. This brand has been around since 1912, starting out in Sierra Leone. The Jamaican Black Castor Oil is CF community member Joanna Georges’ go-to. “The conditioners are so moisturizing and help my hair be easy to detangle,” said Joanna. Shea Moisture’s products are paraben, mineral oil, sulfate, and petroleum free. This brand commits to being “inclusively exclusive.” So, not only does the brand have hair care products, they have bath and body, skincare, baby and kid, and men specific lines for every individual. 

Youma’s Beauty

Unlike the last three hair care lines, this brand has only been around for five years. Youma’s Beauty began in 2016 and was created by Youma Wague to help end society’s discriminatory standards of beauty. “From Youma’s Beauty I learned the importance of pre-pooing with their Hair Bloom oil, and the difference it made during wash day was immaculate,” said CF community member, Emade Ekukole-Sone. Society creates this idea of how black women should wear their hair, but trying to live up to society’s standards only causes heat and chemical damage. Youma’s Beauty’s goal is to educate women of color so they do not submit to society’s unreasonable standards. 

Thank God It’s Natural 

Thank God It’s Natural prides itself on creating organic, all natural products that help protect the planet. Each of their products are free of parabens and phthalates. They sell products from hair growth vitamins to hair masks, each product made with the cleanest of ingredients. “I use both the RepaiRx line and the regular line. I’ve been using them regularly for a year now and love them,” said CF community member, Janae Garner. Even more, the TGIN website has an informative blog that can help with much more than just hair care. 

No matter which brand you decide to try, it is important that you choose one that works for your hair while being the healthiest it can possibly be. Black women wear their hair as a crown therefore you must take care of your crown!  

Featured photo by @Niah.Davis.