The Ultimate Guide to Music Festival Essentials

The Ultimate Guide to Music Festival Essentials

When it comes to going to a festival, it’s not as simple as just showing up. Although, that is the most important part. There are a few essentials you definitely need and will want to have when getting yourself ready for the party.

I recommend bringing a small backpack, instead of a purse! For starters, pack your pass. By putting it in your bag prior to the event, there is no way you will forget it! You also want to be sure to pack a few snacks. Some festivals are stricter than others, so be sure to look up the rules before you go in. But, if you’re allowed, I definitely recommend bringing some granola bars or fruit snacks.

Another thing I recommend is bringing a water bottle! I love my S’well bottle; it is sure to keep your drink nice and cold. There are likely free water refill stations around the festival, so this is perfect to have! You also want to be sure to bring some Advil or Tylenol. Throughout the day, it can definitely get a little tiring and hectic, so having this just incase you aren’t feeling too well is super helpful! Be sure to check the rules at your festival! Some only allow unopened bottles of pills, so I recommend going for that anyways!

When it comes to planning your outfit for the day, check the weather! You want to know if it is going to rain or not, as festivals tend to get very messy and muddy when it rains. Once you know the weather, just plan your outfit around it. I decided to take some denim shorts I up-cycled from a thrift store and pair them with a Victoria’s Secret bralette. I then decided to wear a floor length kimono. For festivals, I always love to add lots of accessories, so I decided to add a belt and bandana. I then topped the outfit off with my gold choker and hoop earrings. Of course, I couldn’t forget my sunglasses either! When dressing for a festival, remember to have fun and be playful!

The last thing you can’t forget is your phone and a camera! You want to be sure you can capture every moment and save all of your amazing memories! So, be sure to pack all of your essentials this festival season!

If you go to a festival this summer, make sure you have fun and share all of your memories on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista; I would love to see all of your perfect festival moments!