10 Coachella 2023 Fashion Trends That Will Dominate This Year's Festival

March 24th, 2023 at 1:01pm
10 Coachella 2023 Fashion Trends That Will Dominate This Year's Festival

‘Tis the season for flower crowns, denim cut-offs, and iconic celebrity style: Festival season is upon us, starting with Coachella Music Festival in April. Anyone who has been to the desert knows that one of the most challenging aspects of the weekend is not hailing down Ubers or navigating setlists but finding a good outfit. And, if you’re a last minute gal like myself, it makes the task of securing the perfect fit even more daunting. Festival dressing, however, doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems.

The key to Coachella dressing is balancing trendy styles with classic boho silhouettes that have come to define the festival. Comfort is key, however, when finding the perfect wardrobe formula. Because let’s admit it: standing in the sun for hours with blisters from uncomfortable shoes or a bruise from a too-tight strap is never fun. The best dressed stars of the festival (think Vannessa Hudgens or Emma Chamberlain) all have one thing in common: they balanced their personal style with popular accessories or styles of the time.

With an ever changing trend cycle, it’s easy to say this year will be a hodgepodge of past and present trends, mixed in with classic festival crochet, cowboy boots, and distressed denim. Read ahead to see the 20 trending styles I predict will be everywhere this Coachella and festival season.

Image via devonleecarlson

1. Rosettes

Floral iconography, specifically rosettes, has dominated spring styles this year so it only makes sense to see the trend on the Polo grounds. Styled on a necklace or choker makes for a minimalist dainty accessory—these options from Urban Outfitters and For Love and Lemons are my favorite.

Image via <a href=httpswwwurbanoutfitterscomshoprosette cord wrap choker necklacecategory=SEARCHRESULTScolor=007searchparams=q3Drosettetype=REGULARsize=ONE20SIZEquantity=1 target= blank rel=noopener nofollow>Urban Outfitters<a>

Rosette Cord Wrap Choker Necklace

Available in Silver. $20

Image via <a href=httpsforloveandlemonscomproductsorganza flower necklace multi target= blank rel=noopener nofollow>For Love and Lemons<a>

Organza Flower Necktie

Available in Multi. $25

2. Animal Print

Cheeky prints are a quintessential part of Coachella dressing, and this year animal print will take center stage. Pick your favorite style: a snakeskin skirt, zebra print dress, cheetah print top—you name it—and style it with cowboy boots or casual sneakers.

Image via <a href=httpsrealisationparcomthe syd diva target= blank rel=noopener nofollow>Realisation Par<a>

The Syd

Available in Diva. $195

Image via <a href=httpsusratandboacomproductsannika dressnosto source=cmpref placement=427009537 target= blank rel=noopener nofollow>Rat and Boa<a>

Annika Dress

Available in Monochrome Zebra. $215

3. Chain Belts

If you’re on TikTok, you know chain belts have made a triumphant return to popularity. Match your jewelry with your belt or mix metals and style on denim shorts or throw over a crochet dress.

Image via <a href=httpswwwrevolvecom8 other reasons chain belt in silver turquoisedp8OTH WA223d=Womenspage=1lc=17plpSrc=2Fr2FBrandsjsp3Furl3Dhttps3A2F2Fwwwrevolvecom2Fr2FSearchjsp3Fsearch3Dwestern2Bbelt26d3DWomens26sortBy3Dfeatured26productsPerRow3D426preLoadCategory3D26preLoadDesigner3D26lazyLang3Den26lazyCountryCode3DUS26lazyCurrency3DUSD26 3D1678913458141itrownum=5itcurrpage=1itview=05 target= blank rel=noopener nofollow>Revolve<a>

Chain Belt

Available in Silver and Turquoise. $39

Image via <a href=httpswwwrevolvecomstreets ahead butterfly chain belt in golddpSAHE WA7d=Womenspage=1lc=12plpSrc=2Fr2FSearchjsp3Fsearch3Dchain+belt26d3DWomens26sortBy3Dfeatureditrownum=3itcurrpage=1itview=05 target= blank rel=noopener nofollow>Revolve<a>

Butterfly Chain Belt

Available in Gold. $149

4. Vintage Tees

Contrary to popular belief, festival dressing doesn’t always have to be a lot of work. With vintage styles just as popular as those in current retailers, save some cash and thrift an oversized quirky t-shirt to throw over a denim skirt or flowy pants. It’s an effortless way to show off some personality while maintaining comfort.

Image via <a href=httpswwwthriftheavenvintagecomproductxl ferguson racing t shirt target= blank rel=noopener nofollow>Thrift Heaven<a>

Ferguson Racing T-Shirt

Available now. $22.50

Image via <a href=httpswwwurbanoutfitterscomshopvintage 1990s tropicana oj single stitch t shirtcategory=SEARCHRESULTScolor=010searchparams=q3Dvintage2520tshirttype=REGULARsize=Mquantity=1 target= blank rel=noopener nofollow>Urban Outfitters<a>

Vintage 1990’s Tropicana Oj Single Stich Shirt

Available in White. $78

5. Adidas Sneakers

Do I really need to convince you to invest in a pair of Adidas? The Gazelles come in a handful of colorways and styles and are beloved for their fashion-first approach to a comfortable sneaker. For this, it’s reign well last well into festival season.

Image via <a href=httpswwwgoatcomsneakerswmns gazelle bold pink glow gum h06122utm source=google adsutm medium=cpcutm campaign=16659884536utm content=gclid=CjwKCAjwzuqgBhAcEiwAdj5dRmyCsSOrozQ tAzVdYlwPnA bYgAxWSZ5XWl2gHgeN9OfIIan chWBoCZaQQAvD BwE target= blank rel=noopener nofollow>Goat<a>

Gazelle Bold

Available in Pink Glow Gum.

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Gazelle Indoor Shoes

Available in Blue Fusion. $120

6. Moto Boots

There’s nothing cooler than chunky motorcycle boots. Although the Miu Miu boots are all the rage in the fashion set, these from Raye and Vince Camuto are great alternatives. The best part about these boots? They’ll protect your feet from being stepped on in the crowd.

Image via <a href=httpswwwrevolvecomraye sheena boot in blackdpRAYE WZ2050d=Fcurrency=USDcountrycode=USgclid=CjwKCAjwzuqgBhAcEiwAdj5dRqEsSbzVoQj5 yUJIEigLnTnJWLfama0lGdjl1Xk8Hm2A e2cNwfgBoCCdgQAvD BwEgclsrc=awds target= blank rel=noopener nofollow>Revolve<a>

Sheena Boot

Available in Black. $124

Image via <a href=httpswwwstevemaddencomcollectionswomens new arrivalsproductsaxelle bone leather target= blank rel=noopener nofollow>Steve Madden<a>

Axelle Knee High Boots

Available in Bone Leather. $190

7. Crochet

If there’s any time to wear crochet, it’s at Coachella. Opt for a neutral style that can be re-worn on your next beach trip or tropical getaway. Accessorize with colorful sunnies or a chain belt and use lots of sunscreen to avoid an awkward tan.

Image via <a href=httpswwwnastygalcomcrochet knitted backless mini dressAGG04158htmlcolor=105 target= blank rel=noopener nofollow>Nasty Gal<a>

Crochet Knitted Open Back Mini Dress

Available in Black. $38

Image via <a href=httpswwwrevolvecomcamila coelho lyssa hand crochet halter mini dress in sanddpCOEL WD201d=Womenspage=1lc=13plpSrc=2Fr2FSearchjsp3Fsearch3Dcrochet26d3DWomens26sortBy3Dfeatureditrownum=4itcurrpage=1itview=05 target= blank rel=noopener nofollow>Revolve<a>

Lyssa Hand Crochet Halter Mini Dress

Available in Sand. $218

8. Denim on Top

With Y2K and Coastal Cowgirl aesthetics trending, it’s a no brainer that denim will be a big trend this festival season. Denim skirts and shorts will be a go-to, but, if you’re looking to switch things up try opting for a denim corset or top. Pair with more denim (for a Canadian tuxedo of course) or a long flowy skirt.

Image via <a href=httpsusprincesspollycomproductsmotel nanda top denim stone wash blue target= blank rel=noopener nofollow>Princess Polly<a>

Nanda Top

Available in Stone Wash Blue. $26

Image via <a href=httpsusprincesspollycomproductsdrynan top denim target= blank rel=noopener nofollow>Princess Polly<a>

Drynan Top

Available in Denim. $50

9. Colorful Tights

I’m never one to incorporate a lot of color in my wardrobe, but I am on board for colorful tights. I envision them styled under a mini skirt paired with sneakers and a basic tank. For neutral lovers like myself, It’s a great way to incorporate a pop of color into your festival wardrobe

Image via <a href=httpswwwurbanoutfitterscomshopmaude lace tightinventoryCountry=UScolor=040size=ONE20SIZEutm medium=cpcutm source=googleutm campaign=5BNB20PLA20US5D20 20Smart20Shopping20 20Beauty202620Accessoriesutm content=Beauty202620Accessoriesutm term=PRODUCT GROUPcreative=589196584690device=cmatchtype=network=uutm kxconfid=vx6q4l3b6gclid=CjwKCAjwiOCgBhAgEiwAjv5whDUOUcmDc0D3xWsS1 V9EUnduXmre2Q5fVdcNbtn7RFnY5mtNoOzEBoC6IIQAvD BwEgclsrc=awdstype=REGULARquantity=1 target= blank rel=noopener nofollow>Urban Outfitters<a>

Maude Lace Tight

Available in Blue. $19

Image via <a href=httpswwwurbanoutfitterscomshopsemi sheer color tightinventoryCountry=UScolor=066size=M2FLutm medium=cpcutm source=googleutm campaign=5BNB20PLA20US5D20 20Smart20Shopping20 20Womens20 20LIAutm content=Women27s20LIAutm term=PRODUCT GROUPcreative=602125354518device=cmatchtype=network=uutm kxconfid=vx6q4l3b6gclid=CjwKCAjwzuqgBhAcEiwAdj5dRtqo GZ99dsv1Jr9Do Mvdw5lWx6Nels Ca1mML1IZDBQTIhRtr1hRoCCrcQAvD BwEgclsrc=awdstype=REGULARquantity=1 target= blank rel=noopener nofollow>Urban Outfitters<a>

Semi-Sheer Color Tight

Available in Pink. $10

10. Sporty Styles

Approved by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Madison Beer, sporty styles are sure to be the next biggest thing. Easy to find thrifting or at your local sporting goods store, jerseys will seamlessly become a staple in your wardrobe beyond Coachella.

Image via <a href=httpsrecycledclothingproductsvintage a c milan jersey t1540variant=40083726041222 target= blank rel=noopener nofollow>Recycled Clothing<a>

Vintage A.C Milan FC Jersey

Available in Red. $75

Image via <a href=httpswwwurbanoutfitterscomshopurban renewal vintage soccer jersey teeinventoryCountry=UScolor=040size=S2FMutm medium=cpcutm source=googleutm campaign=5BNB20PLA20US5D20 20Smart20Shopping20 20Womens20 20Urban20Renewalutm content=Womens20 20Urban20Renewalutm term=PRODUCT GROUPcreative=594927332620device=cmatchtype=network=uutm kxconfid=vx6q4l3b6gclid=CjwKCAjwiOCgBhAgEiwAjv5whOJwqnm2j8EHSV2 JLiqf2N20 NoHRsXUVB5I4zlQtc5Y wiy0o1OhoCc 4QAvD BwEgclsrc=awdstype=REGULARquantity=1 target= blank rel=noopener nofollow>Urban Outfitters<a>

Vintage Soccer Jersey Tee

Available in Blue. $55