TREND ALERT: Little Black Booties

There are some things in life that are too good to live without. If you think I’m talking about French fries, then you’re not wrong—but I have something else in mind that is equally vital to sustain human life: the LBB, a.k.a, the Little Black Bootie. Nine times out of 10, I guarantee a pair of LBBs will go with whatever you are wearing, and these stylish students prove my point. From slipping them on with a dress and tights to wearing them with your most distressed of distressed jeans, the LBB will be there for you. Feel free to wear while eating fries, as well.

1. University of Michigan

Sandals aren’t the only shoes that get to be strappy. Go for strappy ankle booties if you know what’s good for you.

Karizat- Boots

Photo by Nadia Karizat

2. FIT

Patent leather basically means waterproof, so think of these as more stylish rain boots (kind of).


Photo by Annie Smith

3. Drake University

When life hands you lemons, scuff up your boots for a more rugged look. (I swear that’s a famous saying…).

Kirkland 2

Photo by Ashley Kirkland 

4. Pace University

If you can walk in a heel higher than an inch, then slow clap for you. Work the heeled booties.

Sharp 2

Photo by Megan Sharp

5. Utah State University

Dr. Martens are a tough girl classic—only wear if you are prepared to fight (off that person trying to steal your French fries).


Photo by McKall Willis

6. New York University

Nothing beats a pair of Chelsea boots—not even living in Chelsea.


Photo by Parker Damato

7. DePaul University

Who knew that holes could look so good? Well, that’s what perforated booties are for.


Photo by Kristin Stahlke

8. Purdue University

Your are not required to own a motorcycle to wear moto boots.


Photo by Francesca DeCastris

9. Penn State University

These heeled boots come with strings attached. Hope you remember how to make bunny ears.

Yousuf 2

Photo by Zaynab Yousuf

10. Tulane University

If you’re not into all the bells and whistles, then a simple zip-up bootie has got you covered.

Stearns 2

Photo by Liad Stearns