Throwback Style—10 Fashionable Ways To Pay Homage To 1970s Now

December 10th, 2015 at 2:00am

While everyone is posting baby photos of themselves (or worse—photos from two days ago) with #ThrowbackThursday—we decided to take the hashtag offline.

You can actually do a fashionable throwback by incorporating one of the most popular trends of the season into your wardrobe. The 1970s are back and better than ever. From their paisley prints to statement silhouettes, there is never a better time to throwback than now.

Here are 10 ways you can channel the ’70s today!

1. The circle skirt

Barrett1970s-2 2. Oversized, rounded sunglasses


3. Varsity Jacket

Dykstra1970s-5 4. Floral hair pieces

Kramer1970s-4 5. Fringe


6. Jumpsuits


7. Floppy hats

McClelland70'sInspired2 8. Statement furs


9. Boho-bandanas

Miller1970s3-1 10. Suede mini skirts