These Seemingly Unflattering Pieces Are Actually Super Flattering

Over the past few years, we have seen a drastic shift in fashion that we really dig. Instead of women dressing to please their garner male attention, to quote the classic Eurythmics‘ song: “sisters are doin’ it for themselves.” In this case, by “it” we mean getting dressed. Who cares if your boyfriend hates your sweater culottes? Or that not a single guy does a double take when you walk buy in fur-lined loafers? As long as you love your look, that is the most important thing. (And, hey, if a fellow Fashionista throws a compliment your way, even better.)

Some trends that are “girl hot” tend to get a bad rep for not being remotely flattering. But just because we wear whatever we want, that doesn’t mean we still don’t want to celebrate the person behind the clothes.

Take a look at these seven seemingly unflattering pieces that are actually super flattering. Wear them with pride and confidence (and a little bit of hope that your best gal pal asks to borrow them).

1—Paper bag waist skirts. This style is great for cold weather as it allows you to wear an oversized sweater and still let the world knot you have a waist. (Photo via @oliviapienta)


2—Knit tank crop tops. Because why should the fact you actually made it to the gym only be stylishly celebrated June to August? Be proud of those abs, even during the winter. (Photo via @indiesunsblog)


3—Oversized specs. They literally frame your face. (Photo via @katiekeogh)


4—T-shirt dress and boots. This is the perfect balance between tight and loose, revealing and modest. Plus it allows you to show off those gams without having to wear shorts in the cold/freeze to death. (Photo via @denae_belillti)


5—Bodysuit. We wouldn’t suggest wearing a bodysuit and nothing else. (Unless, of course, your Beyoncé; in which case, you do you.) But when worn with high-waisted jeans, this garment acts more as a top you won’t have to annoyingly keep tucking in. (Photo via @n.c.sweet)


6—Cropped joggers. A little ankle never killed nobody. Plus they surprisingly elongate your legs. (Photo via @alyssaguia)


7—High-waisted shorts. The ultimate in questionably fugly but super flattering fashion: high-waisted shorts. (Photo via @n_agem)


What’s your favorite look that gets a bad fashion rep. Let us know in the comments below!