The Beauty Debate—Going Natural Versus Full Face Glam

This year we have seen women creating their own definition and taking back their power. From Alicia Keys swearing off makeup to our favorite social media beauty influencers carelessly rocking their full face glam, the beauty world is allowing women (and even some men) to be unapologetically themselves.

The natural look and a full face glam are on totally opposite sides of the beauty spectrum. With equal popularity, this made me curious—what makes a person favor one over the other? I sat down with five college students to talk about their makeup preferences, opinions on male comments about makeup and their personal confidence.

Here’s what they had to say:


Makeup can be a part of how you present yourself and deciding whether or not to wear makeup can stem from your future career plans.

“Even though I am a theater major and wear more of the caked up makeup, I typically like to look more natural but I can really go both ways [natural or full glam] with makeup. Makeup is used to accentuate what we already have that is beautiful. Women who wear makeup can have more confidence than some women who don’t wear makeup simply because some of us feel comfortable with and without makeup.”

When it comes to the opinions of men this Fashionista believes “It’s none of their business what we decide to do because we don’t dictate what they do with their looks so don’t dictate what we do.”


Every woman has a common factor when getting ready—time. This Fashionista described the mindset of almost every college student’s on getting ready. “It’s kinda a time thing plus I’m not the best with doing a full face of makeup. If I have a big event to go then I’ll do a little more.” Despite whether it’s a full glam look or super natural “either way, I feel just as confident with or without makeup.”jaidabrinkley102116-5-1

“I really enjoy just letting my natural features show through. I feel like if I put on makeup, it mattes them down. I love seeing people go more natural because I truly think everyone is beautiful and you should let that natural beauty shine. The decision to wear makeup is a personal decision. If you feel confident in a ton of makeup, wear a ton of makeup; if you feel confident in no makeup, don’t wear makeup. It should be up to you and not for anyone else.”

The biggest thing to be about the natural trend is really how celebrities are embracing the lifestyle of less makeup. “I think you see them in a new light; a different type of beauty. It’s so encouraging, too, for younger girls to see that your confidence doesn’t have to be in your makeup. Makeup should be an accessory, not a necessity.”


During the process of interviewing girls, I was surprised to hear a lot of similar responses and girls that really like more of natural look even though they can’t resist an occasional full face look. Until I met these two ladies—who are 100% full faced glam girls and have no regrets about it.

“I love it [wearing a full face of makeup]! It’s fun! It really depends on what I’m wearing, if I look cute I go for a full face. If I’m wearing more of laid back outfit then I tone down my makeup a bit.”


“It depends on what I’m wearing and my hair. When my hair is in its natural state I go for more of a natural look but when it’s not I typically do a full face. When it comes to opinions of guys, I do my makeup for myself not for them so their opinion doesn’t matter to me.”

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